your trusted auto electrical repair shop near princeton mn rum river automotive n.
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Auto Electrical Repair Shop near Princeton MN - Rum River Automotive PowerPoint Presentation
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Auto Electrical Repair Shop near Princeton MN - Rum River Automotive

Auto Electrical Repair Shop near Princeton MN - Rum River Automotive

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Auto Electrical Repair Shop near Princeton MN - Rum River Automotive

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  1. Redefining Trust Since 1997! Your Trusted Auto Electrical Repair Shop near Princeton, MN- Rum River Automotive Visit our Official Auto Shop Website:

  2. Why is Auto Electrical Repair Important For your Vehicle? As you recognize today's auto electrical systems are getting more complicated. Although they contain new computer technology they are mainly the similar design as decades ago. Rum River Auto Mechanics in accepting the basics along with also having the leading equipment to correctly analyze any auto electrical repair needs you may have. To be relaxed on the road, we trust your vehicle's auto electrical system should be inspected at least every two years or whenever you notice promising issues with the battery, starter. Trust it or not most common auto electrical issues with your vehicle are the cause of minor voltage variations and it may be an vital first step in an accurate analysis. Proudly Serving Vehicle Owners In:  Princeton, MN | Milaca, MN | Zimmerman, MN Schedule your Auto Electric Repair Today at

  3. Put Your Auto Shop In "Charge" of Auto Electrical Repair! Your local auto shop is the right place to inspect your car for Auto electrical issues. Our Professional auto experts who have expertise in auto electrical repair and have the tools and reference materials needed to find the auto electrical problems. • Battery Electrical System : The battery is the driving force of your car's electrical system. The mechanic inspect for cracks or leaks in the battery case to see if it's securely installed and lost contact with any cables. Then connections from the battery to the cables are then checked, verifying that they are safe and corrosion-free. Finally, the car battery is tested for the minimum voltage it draws when used. • Starting System : The starting system is tested first by starting the car to see if it sounds like a starter should. Then it is checked for loose connections or corrosion. The tech at the auto shop inspects to determine how many volts the starter uses when starting the vehicle. Lastly, the safety switch is checked. • Charging System : A visual check of the alternator includes inspecting for areas appearing burned and to make sure that cables and wiring are of correct gauge. After inspecting all electrical connections, the tech will test that the output voltage of the alternator meets the specified requirements. A final check includes the drive belt's physical condition and whether the tension is within manufacturer's specifications; that the pulleys are damage-free and correctly aligned; and that it is all operating with the correct tension. Let’s Speak to our Auto Electric Experts By Calling on: 763-389-3811

  4. Get a Free Consultation with our Auto Electric Shop Rum River Automotive Shop Address: 101 4th Ave N, Princeton, MN 55371. Phone: 763-389-3811 Website: Email ID: “Like us” on Facebook Page “Follow us” on Twitter “Follow us” on Google+ “Review us” on Yelp “Subscribe our” Car Care Tips Blog Try our New Mobile App and Manage your Auto Repair: