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Introduction to OLHIE. The Open Library of HIE. Presented by: Alesha R. Adamson John Bozada. Agenda. What is OLHIE History of OLHIE Stakeholders Open Health Tools (OHT) and Pronoia Health OLHIE the Library Paradigm and Framework Governance and policy Project plan Getting involved.

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Introduction to olhie

Introduction to OLHIE

The Open Library of HIE

Presented by: Alesha R. AdamsonJohn Bozada


  • What is OLHIE

  • History of OLHIE

  • Stakeholders

    • Open Health Tools (OHT) and Pronoia Health

  • OLHIE the Library Paradigm and Framework

  • Governance and policy

  • Project plan

  • Getting involved

What is olhie
What is OLHIE

Let Us Inform One Another

Open library of hie
Open Library of HIE

  • The Open Library of HIE (OLHIE) is an online ecosystem that will allow “Authors” of HIE-related assets to share their work and provide “Readers” with real-world resources to inform their work.

    • Interfaces: requirements, work-flow, templates, datasets, technical and user documentation

    • Policies, tool-kits, and forms

    • Model RFP and Contract language to encourage/require federal/state funded assets be contributed to the library

    • Other source code for connecting EHRs, labs, pharmacies, and public health agencies

Olhie s goals
OLHIE’s Goals

  • Promote reuse, cooperation, and learning in order to reduce the cost of building and operating HIE.

  • Create a web application that allows readers to search, categorize, “like”, review, and create their own bookshelves that can be shared with other readers and inform authors.

  • Streamlined workflow for authors to publish, version, make private, and remove assets.

History of olhie
History of OLHIE

Where was OLHIE born?

Stephen says:

“the HIE side of things will largely be bridged in the near and even mid term by developing interfaces…LOTS of interfaces…lots of CUSTOM interfaces…lots of EXPENSIVE custom interfaces.”

Stephen Palmer

Director, Office of eHealthCoordination,


Guiding principles
Guiding Principles

  • Accelerate connections between Health Information Exchanges (HIE).

  • Facilitate the reuse of HIE interfaces, and other assets, especially those developed with federal or state funding.

    • Reduce cost of interoperability

    • Increase the potential for interoperability

    • Promote community learning

Areas of focus
Areas of Focus

  • Community Engagement

    • HIEs

    • Vendor Community

  • Library Development

  • Workflow and Vetting


Who is interested in OLHIE?

Executive steering committee
Executive Steering Committee

  • Delaware: Mark Jacobs

  • Georgia: Kelly Gonzalez

  • Texas: Stephen Palmer

  • Vermont: Terry Bequette

State support
State Support

  • Hawaii

  • Illinois

  • Maryland

  • Nebraska

  • North Dakota

  • Wyoming

  • Arizona

  • California

  • Colorado

  • Delaware

  • Georgia

  • Texas

  • Vermont

Vendor support
Vendor Support

  • Cerner

  • General Dynamics, Information Technology (GDIT)

  • Mirth Corp

  • Orion Health

Consortia Support

  • College of Health Information and Management Executives (CHIME)

  • National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC)

What do the stakeholders want
What do the stakeholders want?

  • Name change (ILP OLHIE)

  • Asset repository, not just an interface repository

  • Tools and services for the future

  • Robust community

  • “Dollars for Deltas”

  • Availability of real-world assets to academia

Early adopters
Early Adopters

  • California eHealth Quality

    • Requirements gathering session April 25

    • Committed to contributing code and non-code assets

      • HIE Ready Toolkit

      • Public Health Interfaces, and others

    • Working with Redwood MedNet, Inland Empire HIE, Santa Cruz HIE and other State agencies

Other early adopters
Other Early Adopters

  • Holding a joint requirements gathering session with VT and DE

  • Planning requirements gathering session in TX

    • Local HIEs will be included

  • Scheduling a mid-phase “sanity check” with GA in June

Open health tools
Open Health Tools

What is OLHIE’s heritage?

Open health tools1
Open Health Tools

  • 501(c)(6) Non-profit

  • Organization

  • Provides facilitation, resources and

  • governance to Open

  • Source projects

Improving the world's health and well-being by unleashing health IT innovation

World class leadership
World Class Leadership

Robert Kolodner, MDChief Health Informatics Officer

Skip McGaugheyExecutive Director

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Brian BarryChief Technology Officer

World class membership
World Class Membership

Government AgenciesCanada Health Infoway (CA)Indian Health Services (US) National Health Service (UK)National eHealth Transition Authority (AU)Veterans Health Administration (US)

Academic InstitutionsAustralian Health Research Centre (AU)Cardiff University (UK)Linkoping University (SE)Mohawk College (CA)Georgia Tech (US)Oregon State University (US)Florida International University (US)

Healthcare Systems (US)

Mayo Clinic

Hartford Healthcare System

Southeast Texas Health System

Standards Organizations and Open Source Foundations

Eclipse Foundation, Inc.



Object Management Group (OMG)

Open Health Data

Other Non-Profit OrganizationsAHIMA Foundation

Global Patient Identifiers, Inc.



World class membership1
World Class Membership



ITG Health

Jembi Health SystemsJP Systems

Lamprey Networks, Inc.MedsphereNetGen SoftwareNexJ

Nitor GroupOcean Informatics



PHIIPronoia HealthRed HatSageShoulders Corporation




AndagoApelonBedarra ResearchBlack DuckCambio Healthcare

Cognitive MedicineCollabNetCollaborative Software InitiativeDSS, Inc.Discovery MachineFEI

Firestar Software


Global Patient Identifiers, Inc.

Harris Corporation

Hewlett Packard


Charter projects
Charter Projects

Open Library of HIE (formerly ILP)

Platform Implementation Project

Academic Outreach

HL7 Tooling

Common Terminology Services (CTS2)

Conformance Services

Privacy, Access and Security Services

Model Driven Health Tools (MDHT)

Medical Devices Interoperability Platform


Supply Chain Tooling Project

IHE Profiles Project

Canadian HER



OHT Toolkit

Application Integration Platform

Why oht
Why OHT?

  • Proven governance framework

  • Provide an environment conducive for collaborative development

  • Can achieve synergistic benefits

Olhie the application
OLHIE the Application

The Library Paradigm



Only 1 of 4 requirements gathering sessions have occurred at the time of this presentation.

Library paradigm books
Library Paradigm:Books

  • Atomic unit for all assets is “Book”

  • A Book may have different Chapters

    • Table of Contents, keywords, category

    • Interface code, requirements specifications, diagrams

    • Links to outside resources

  • A Book may bedownloaded in part or in its entirety

  • Books can be rated and reviewed by members

    • Peer promotion

    • Search engine weights

Library paradigm books cont
Library Paradigm:Books (cont.)

  • Revisions will be maintained

  • Level set of Categories provided by OLHIE:

    • Interfaces, Policy, Forms, Contract/RFP Language

  • Additional categorization is managed by the members

    • HL7, North Dakota, Minors, Interstate

  • Interfaces are a special kind of Book

    • Source and destination systems

    • Engine vendor

    • Message type

Library paradigm search and retrieve
Library Paradigm:Search and Retrieve

  • Enable search engine indexing

    • Google, Yahoo, Bing

  • Search by Category

    • I’m new to this, where do I get started

    • I want to see all the affinity domain documents

    • I want to see everything from Hawaii

  • Hover-over review of content and authorship

  • Open a Book

  • Put Book on your Bookshelf

Library paradigm authors
Library Paradigm:Authors

  • Must sign contributor agreement

    • Author attests that they own the IP or that they have authority to share the content

    • Agreement will be counter-signed

  • Control their content

    • Create, update, delete

    • Approve Co-authors

    • Promote contributors to Co-authors

    • Approve content from Contributors

    • Publish, keep private

  • View all Books contributed

    • Author’s Bookshelf

  • Be alerted when reviewed or rated

  • Choose to allow messages from Readers

    • With or without exposing their contact information

Library paradigm readers
Library Paradigm:Readers

  • Readers have created accounts, but may still be anonymous (IamElvis)

  • Search and retrieve Books

  • Promote and review Books

  • My Bookshelf, My Favorites

  • Can request to be a Contributor

  • Can request to be an Author or Co-author

  • Send messages to Authors

Library paradigm visitors
Library Paradigm:Visitors

  • Anyone may access the Library from a tablet or PC

  • Do not have a personal bookshelf

  • Are not able to leave ratings or reviews

  • Are not able to publish or suggest content

  • May create a Reader account

Think of your local library
Think of your local library

Suzallo Library at UW

Olhie s parking lot
OLHIE’s Parking Lot

  • Collections of Books as a Book

    • “California – The Book” or “I’m In – The Book of Authorization Forms” or “JohnBob’s Book of Lab Interfaces”

  • Free and subscription content

  • “Publishers” that manage many authors

  • Protected content

  • Link walking to outside resources

  • Reading clubs

  • Informing search criteria/weights with Reader ratings

  • Establish content affinities

    • If you liked *that* you’ll love *this*

  • Subscribe to someone else’s bookshelf

    …What else you can think of?

Governance framework
Governance Framework

How is OLHIE governed?

Governance framework1
Governance Framework

  • Governed by a set of bylaws that provide for:

    • Membership in OLHIE

    • An Executive Steering Committee (ESC)

    • Project Director

    • Committees


  • Includes US states and/or territories, HIEs, vendors, other parties that wish to contribute

  • ESC will determine if prioritization is necessary

  • Members must

    • Complete a membership application

    • Be approved by a majority vote of the ESC

    • Execute a membership agreement.

Executive steering committee1
Executive Steering Committee

  • Manages business and technical affairs

  • Members will include:

    • Project Director

    • At least three State Health IT Coordinators

    • Representatives of HIEs, vendors and other interested parties

    • Other appointments will be made by the ESC before adopting bylaws

Project director
Project Director

  • Responsible for day-to-day management of OLHIE


  • Architecture and Technology Committee (ATC)

  • Change Control Committee (CCC)

  • Legal and Policy Committee (LPC)

Architecture and technology
Architecture and Technology

Make recommendations to the ESC about the technology platform, development methodology, operations methodology and other technical issues.

Change control committee
Change Control Committee

Responsible for managing the content contained within the OLHIE repository.

Responsible for establishing standards for data quality and completeness, and reviewing and approving data contributions.

Legal and policy committee
Legal and Policy Committee

Responsible for reviewing and taking appropriate actions about the intellectual property (IP), contractual and other legal policies

Governance structure
Governance Structure

  • OLHIE will be available to anyone, including:

    • Discovery of interface assets

    • Viewing and downloading assets distributed under open source or creative commons licensing

  • Ongoing discussion regarding commercially licensed assets

Phase 2 governance work
Phase 2 Governance Work

  • Sustainability Plan

  • Committee Development

  • IP Policy

  • Other policies and procedures

  • RFP and contract language

Project plan
Project Plan

When will OLHIE be ready?

Getting involved
Getting Involved

How can I contribute?

Getting involved1
Getting Involved

  • Committees

  • Contributions

  • Early adopter

  • Sustainability

    Let Us Inform One Another!


For additional information, please contact:

Alesha Adamson

[email protected]