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Which Rummy Variant Should a Beginner Start Playing PowerPoint Presentation
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Which Rummy Variant Should a Beginner Start Playing

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Which Rummy Variant Should a Beginner Start Playing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Points Rummy is the easiest of all the variations. Hence, new rummy players should choose to play this rummy variant in the beginning. Also, it is advised that they should play Practice Games first, to hone their skills at the tables. As and when one starts feeling confident, one can switch to another variant. It is better to follow a step by step approach, so as to make your foray into the exciting world of online rummy enjoyable.

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Which Rummy Variant Should a Beginner Start Playing

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online rummy variations

Online Rummy Variations

Which Rummy Variant Should a Beginner Start Playing

heard from your friends family members

Heard from your friends, family members and acquaintances that Online Rummy is great fun and want to play, but finding it difficult to comprehend which rummy variant you should choose to play in the beginning. Let us know the answer to this query of a new player.

among all these online rummy variants points

Among all these online rummy variants, Points Rummy is the one recommended for novices. Let us see why. For this, we need to know a little about all the variations of the game, so that we can easily grasp the logic behind the suggestion.

it is the base of all the other rummy variations

It is the base of all the other rummy variations. The player who successfully melds his cards into valid combinations, first of all, gets zero points and wins the game. It is pertinent to mention that points carry negative value. The points of the losing player are calculated by counting the point value of all the cards that do not form a part of any combination. The maximum points by which a player can lose is fixed at 80.

in india kitty parties are pretty common

In India, kitty parties are pretty common. The members ‘pool in’ money, and the winning member gets the booty. Players pool in money to play and the winner gets this as prize money. The game has two variants, 101 and 201. The player, who accumulates these many points, gets eliminated. It is like playing Points Rummy again and again, with your points from one game adding to those of the next one.

players play for a fixed number of deals which

Players play for a fixed number of deals, which is generally 2 or 3. There is a concept of chips that are distributed equally to all the players at the beginning of the game. The player who loses has to surrender his chips to the winner at the end of each deal. The one, who is able to garner the maximum chips at the end of all the deals, is the overall winner.

rummy tournaments

Tournaments of course continue for the longest duration of time and witness the presence of rummy aficionados from all over the nation. They offer unlimited thrill and excitement, but competition is tough too.

Rummy Tournaments
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