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The Origin of Rummy Games | Rummy Passion PowerPoint Presentation
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The Origin of Rummy Games | Rummy Passion

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The Origin of Rummy Games | Rummy Passion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Card game enthusiasts across the world have been relishing Rummy Games, for probably a couple of centuries now. The revolution in technology paved the way for Online Rummy, which has been garnering popularity like never before, with denizens of all ages taking a fancy to it. However, how many of us have an idea about the origin of these games? Not too many!

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there is the number of origin and evolution of the game
There is the number of origin and evolution of the game. 
  • Conquian Roots
  • Chinese Roots
  • Poker Roots
  • Hungarian Roots
  • American Roots
conquian roots
Conquian Roots
  • Most historians studying the roots of the game believe that it originated in either Spain or Mexico as the game of ‘Conquian’.
  • It is deemed to be invented by the Spaniards and then spread by the Spanish migrants throughout America during the 1800’s.
  • This game is considered to be the ancestor of all rummy games.
chinese roots
Chinese Roots
  • There are two Chinese games named ‘Khanhoo’ and ‘KonKhin’ that are believed to have existed in China around the later part of the nineteenth century. 
  • They involved forming combinations, and as such are said to be the basis of modern rummy games.
poker roots
Poker Roots
  • Another theory about the origin of our card games in discussion is that they developed from a form of Poker, called Whiskey Poker.
  • It was quite similar to the rummy of today and over a period of time, evolved into Rum Poker and finally into rummy.
hungarian roots

Hungarian Roots

The game is believed to have made its presence at coffee shop tables in Pest, Budapest, Hungary around 1915 and was really liked by the citizenry and given preference over other board games. However, newspapers reported the presence of the game in Hungary after World War 1.

american roots

American Roots

It is perceived that Indian rummy which is widely popular in the Indian scenario is, in all likelihood, an extension of Gin Rummy and Rummy 500, the roots of which are said to be in USA.

the crux of the matter
The Crux of the Matter
  • With the advent of Online Rummy, more and more people have started playing the traditional card game of skills, without ever wondering about the beginnings of the game.
  • There are numerous distinct schools of thought about the evolution of Rummy Games. However, all these assertions make one aspect quite clear, that the games have been around for quite long and played and relished all over the world.