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Assessing and Grading

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Assessing and Grading. Pamela Dexter, EPICS High Tammy Watson, Agawam High School. Grading Team and Individual Work. Students produce artifacts that can be assessed during their EPICS experience Design Notebooks Reflections Self-assessments Presentations Reports Project documentation

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assessing and grading
Assessing and Grading

Pamela Dexter, EPICS High

Tammy Watson, Agawam High School

grading team and individual work
Grading Team and Individual Work
  • Students produce artifacts that can be assessed during their EPICS experience
    • Design Notebooks
    • Reflections
    • Self-assessments
    • Presentations
    • Reports
      • Project documentation
    • Delivered projects
      • Manuals or other documentations with project
assessing team work
Assessing Team Work
  • Teams are assessed
    • Project planning
      • Thorough planning and accomplishments
    • Customer/Partner feedback
    • Presentations and team reports
      • Short presentations can be efficient and effective
  • Individuals are assessed
  • Notebooks
  • Written Reflections
  • Presentations
  • Accomplishments
team roles students
Team Roles: Students
  • Team Leader/Co-Leaders – Organization of the team and project tasks
  • Project leaders– If you have multiple projects you may need to break the leadership down into project leaders
  • Liaison - primary contact with the community partner
  • Financial officer - manages team’s budget
  • Webmaster – If your team would like to create a webpage you might want to assign a webmaster
  • Short tasks allow team members to be accountable
  • Charting/organizing tasks
    • Keeps projects moving and shifting resources as needed
  • Visiting deadlines - what is due this week?
    • Prevent delays that span several weeks
individual documentation design notebook
Individual Documentation: Design Notebook
  • Bound, composition style notebook
  • All entries should be in ink
  • Tape, staple, or glue any sheets that you want to include in the notebook
individual documentation design notebook1
Individual Documentation: Design Notebook
  • Record of your individual work
  • All work should be in or referenced in your notebook
    • Actual entries
    • References to other documentation
  • Notebook is your thinkpad
    • Record thoughts, ideas, research, etc.
individual documentation notebook content
Individual Documentation: Notebook Content
  • Record any thoughts you may have about your project, no matter how strange it may seem
  • When doing research, site where any information you acquired came from
  • Explanations of design decisions are essential
individual documentation design notebook2
Individual Documentation: Design Notebook
  • Entries showing work accomplished on the project
  • Types of information:
    • Results of research
    • Calculations
    • Drawings
    • Test procedures
    • Test setups
    • Results
individual documentation design notebook3
Individual Documentation: Design Notebook
  • Entries showing evidence of the design process
  • Types of Information:
    • Plans for project work
    • Identification of tasks
    • Distribution of work
    • Design decisions
    • Problems encountered and overcome
individual documentation design notebook4
Individual Documentation: Design Notebook
  • Entries showing in-depth thinking about the issues related to the project, your team, the community, or the needs you are addressing
    • Some regular reflection activities (as assigned by teacher)
design process
Design Process
  • See Handout –

Students should know where they are in the design process.

team communication
Team Communication
  • The team should communicate with their project partner consistently
    • Project partner memos (see handout for example) could be graded as part of the team grade.
evaluating individuals on group work
Evaluating Individuals on Group Work
  • How individuals contribute to the team can be evaluated by you (the teacher) and/or through peer evaluations by other team members.

*See handout of an EPICS High example of a group work evaluation form

self assessment
Self Assessment
  • See examples from EPICS High
written reflections
Written Reflections
  • See University example reflection questions including a final written reflection