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Oriental Weavers Rugs

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Oriental Weavers Rugs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oriental Weavers Rugs

Oriental weavers of America create some of the most amazing rugs. Each of the oriental weaver’s rugs is

unique since they are handmade, and take a lot of time to create. No matter if you buy a silk, wool, or

cotton rug, you can be proud to display them and pass down your rug made by the oriental weavers of


There are many people who would state that owning a sphinx by oriental weavers is impractical for their

home since they have children or pets, or that the prices are too high. There are also people who believe

that only the pattern and the color of the rug matter, not how the rug is made. The reality is that each of

the sphinxes by oriental weavers on Rugsville took hours for skilled weavers to create. Oriental weaver’s

rugs are designed to last a long time. Knowing where to shop also affects the cost of the oriental

weaver’s rugs. Along with the better workmanship that goes into oriental weaver’s rugs, here are other

benefits of owning one.

1. Most Durable Rugs

Since oriental weavers handcraft each rug, they are one of the most durable rugs on the market. This is

because oriental weaver’s rugs do not contain any glues or adhesives. Machine made rugs break down,

due to the glue or the adhesive that is used to create the rug dissolving. Sphinx by oriental weavers is

looped into an adjacent knot and secured with another knot. This method means that a Sphinx by

oriental weavers will hold up over decades of heavy traffic.

2. Easy Cleaning

Oriental weavers rugs are made with no chemicals like adhesives that reach with water and you can

clean your rug with no worry. It is still recommended that you take your oriental weavers rugs to a

professional cleaner at least once a year to make sure that it is clean, and taken care of correctly.

3. Patterns and Colors

Since oriental weaver’s sphinxes are the most fashionable and trend setting of the rug world, there is a

huge amount of different patterns and colors. This makes it very easy to find an oriental weaver rug that

fits your room and décor.

Like many other items, you normally get what you pay for. Oriental weaver’s sphinx rugs are designed to

last a long time and have great colors and patterns. makes shopping for an oriental

weaver’s sphinx rug easy and affordable. Many of the oriental weaver’s sphinx rugs are priced much

lower than other online shops with the same rugs. Every rug is luxurious in both feel and look, so there

is an oriental weaver’s sphinx rug for every room in a home.