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Please Bookmark These!. “GIS @ OSU” Help with GIS ESRI site license info. Geographic Information Science Certificates

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Please bookmark these l.jpg
Please Bookmark These!

  • “GIS @ OSU”


  • Help with GIS


  • ESRI site license info.


  • Geographic Information Science Certificates


  • Campus GIS assistant – Dori Dick - [email protected]

  • Marine and Coastal GIS Links - Davey Jones’ Locker


Esri virtual campus software training free subscriptions to osu students l.jpg
ESRI Virtual Campus (software training)FREE subscriptions to OSU students

  • ArcGIS 9 and ArcGIS 10

  • Geodatabase Basics

  • Server GIS (ArcGIS Server)

  • ArcGIS Extensions

  • Map Projections

  • MUCH more!

Get course access code s from dori dick dickd@geo oregonstate edu l.jpg

get course access code(s) from

Dori Dick

[email protected]

Free VC courses for

Slide5 l.jpg

GEO 565 Bibliographies (Opt 1),Term Papers (Opt 2)All due 5:00 p.m., this FridayNO EXTENSIONS

Final Exam

Wednesday, March 16th, 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Web Mashups (Opt 3) due also by 4:00 p.m.

Final exam l.jpg
Final Exam

  • Format

    • Part 1 - Multiple choice on scantron/bring #2 pencil

    • Part 2 - Short answer

    • Comprehensive but w/more questions on 2nd half - again major concepts

    • Lecture PPTs

    • Your own notes

  • Will NOT include

    • "Web Sites of the Week”

    • Labs 1-5, 7-8

Final exam cont l.jpg
Final Exam - cont.

  • Major Concepts

    • Some terms: SQL, ecological fallacy, mixel, spatial autocorrelation

    • Spatial analysis (lec. 11-12), 3-D, UCGIS research priorities, guest lectures

    • Distinguishing characteristics of GIS

    • Topology - the “diagram” may appear again

    • Object vs. field, vector vs. raster

    • Future of GIS

  • “Nasties”

    • Resolution of grid

    • GIS queries as part of an analysis step

Where to go from here l.jpg
Where to Go From Here

  • Keep reading the geography/GIS literature and surfing the web

  • ArcUser, ArcNews, workbooks (GIS Tutorial, etc.)

  • Get an internship or research project

  • Go to conferences, workshops

Recap l.jpg

  • *this class was about theory, basic, fundamental concepts, SOME hands-on

    • based on a national curriculum

  • CONCEPTS - data model, data structure, topology, data compilation, process, analysis

    • What role does space have as a source for explanation & understanding?

  • TECHNIQUES - overlay, buffer, map algebra, interpolation

  • TOOLS - labs

Gisystems giscience and gistudies l.jpg
GISystems, GIScience and GIStudies




Giscience gisystems and gistudies l.jpg
GIScience, GISystems and GIStudies

  • GIScience – fundamental scientific issues arising from the use of GISystems (concepts, techniques)

  • GISystems – implement the storehouse of GIScience knowledge (tools, techniques)

  • GIStudies – how systems and science are embedded in a societal context

Why speculate on the future l.jpg
Why speculate on the future?

  • May get something right!

  • Most of tomorrow’s systems are under development now. (UCGIS)

  • Some of tomorrow’s systems already exist, but are not diffused through the hierarchy of potential users.

  • Prepare for new hardware and software

Geographic information science technology body of knowledge l.jpg
Geographic Information Science & Technology “Body of Knowledge”

A research agenda example below l.jpg
A Research Agenda Knowledge”(example below)

  • Future of the Spatial Information Infrastructure

    • Information policy

      • Intellectual property rights, privacy, liability

    • Digital government research

    • Local generation and integration of data

      • Public participation GIS

Long term research priorities priorities research research agenda l.jpg

Geographic Representation Knowledge”


Spatial Data Acquisition & Integration

Spatial Cognition

Spatial Ontologies

Space and Space/Time Analysis & Modeling



GIS and Society

Geographic Information Engineering

Long-Term Research Priorities priorities-->research research agenda

Grand challenges national academy of engineering l.jpg

Make solar energy affordable Knowledge”

Engineer better medicines

Prevent nuclear terror

Provide access to clean water everywhere

Secure cyberspace

Reverse-engineer the brain!

“Grand Challenges”National Academy of Engineering

Grand challenges in giscience l.jpg
Grand Challenges in GIScience?? Knowledge”

  • Finish Digital Earth by 2015!

  • Create digital simulations of geographic phenomena indistinguishable from real counterparts!

  • Map or visualize all uncertainties!

  • Find all appropriate data no matter how hidden!

Grand challenges in giscience21 l.jpg
Grand Challenges in GIScience?? Knowledge”

  • What is the cost to the nation of geographic information that is inaccurate, overaccurate or out-of-date?

  • What role can geographic technologies play in eliminating geographic illiteracy?

  • In what ways have we yet to exploit the superiority of digital maps over paper maps?

  • By how much can effective use of geographic information improve human safety and welfare while reducing the associated costs?

Keith Clarke, UCSB

Grand challenges in giscience22 l.jpg
Grand Challenges in GIScience?? Knowledge”

See more resources at:

Some of the future is now l.jpg
Some of the future is NOW! Knowledge”

  • Desktop mapping on a budget

  • Real high end power

  • GIS/GPS integration

  • Rapidly maturing market with broad public acceptance and knowledge

  • The Web: More than data delivery

Gis and the internet l.jpg
GIS and the Internet Knowledge”

  • Access distributed data and processing systems

  • Publish data and knowledge between users

  • From monolithic desktop systems to distributed GI-Services

  • Geography is still very important in cyberspace

Gis and the internet25 l.jpg
GIS and the Internet Knowledge”

  • Access distributed data and processing systems

  • Publish data and knowledge between users

  • From monolithic desktop systems to distributed GI-Services  “Server GIS” “Cloud GIS”

  • Geography is still very important in cyberspace

Gis and the internet mashups l.jpg
GIS and the Internet: Knowledge”Mashups

  • County map w/pie chart of election results

  • Google Map with sunrise/sunset calculator

  • Google Map with line generalizer so lines with GPS points load more quickly

  • Maps with tags, comments, personalization, etc.

  • Javascript APIs

  • ArcGIS Javascript API for ArcGIS server

Gis drivers l.jpg
GIS Drivers Knowledge”

  • Hardware price: performance continues to improve

  • Hardware diversity increases

  • Software functionality continues to improve

  • GIScience becomes the norm

  • More GI is created and accessible

  • GIS plays a pivotal role in New Science

  • Geographic measurement technologies become all-pervasive

Impact of moore s law l.jpg
Impact of Moore’s Law Knowledge”

Longley et al. text

Impact of moore s law30 l.jpg
Impact of Moore’s Law Knowledge”

Longley et al. text

Increase in gis functionality l.jpg
Increase in GIS Functionality Knowledge”

Longley et al. text

Falling cost of gis l.jpg
Falling Cost of GIS Knowledge”

Longley et al. text

Slide33 l.jpg

“Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living.”

-- Nicholas Negroponte, Founding Director of

MIT’s Media Lab. Being Digital (1995), p. 6.

Slide34 l.jpg

“GIS is not about systems anymore. It’s about geography.”

-- Keith Clarke, UC-Santa Barbara

Author, Getting Started w/Geographic Information Systems

Gis gps integration l.jpg
GIS/GPS Integration geography.”

How about nav systems for these l.jpg
How about nav systems for these?? geography.” – London to the Sahara

Wearable gis l.jpg
Wearable GIS?! geography.”

  • Input

    • Touch

      • Gloves

      • Sensors

    • Sight

      • Vision tracking

      • Cameras

  • GIS as clothing

From the research of Professor Keith Clarke, UCSB

Technology in 2019 l.jpg
Technology in 2019? geography.”

Summary thus far l.jpg
Summary thus far … geography.”

  • Understanding GIS requires consideration of science, systems and studies

  • GIS provides a framework to manage the world

  • The real value of GIS is its problem solving capability

  • The future of GIS and GISci is bright

But there are some real issues longley et al chapter 20 l.jpg
But there are some real issues…. geography.”(Longley et al., Chapter 20)


Slide46 l.jpg

Personal Privacy geography.”

Freedom of Expression




For context, listen to the NPR story at

Societal issue democratic access l.jpg
Societal Issue: geography.”Democratic Access

  • Open and democratic access to geospatial data is now possible!

  • Are the policies and funding in place to support this?

  • Otherwise real danger of major disenfranchisement

    • the right and the need to access these data.

  • Information haves and have nots.

4 things need to close the digital divide craig barrett ceo of intel l.jpg
4 Things Need to Close “the Digital Divide” geography.”--Craig Barrett, CEO of Intel

  • Computers

  • Connectivity (especially Broadband wireless)

  • Content

  • Education on all of the above

    • health education, economic development

Some career info l.jpg
Some Career Info... geography.”

  • Spatial Thinking, Spatial Relationships

  • GIS / Projections / SQL Databases

  • Python / Java & JavaScript / C++/ C#, .Net

  • Network Hardware, Software, Web Services

  • Web Authoring / Graphic Art Design

  • Communication Skills

  • Your Users

Gis g oing i n s tyle l.jpg

Thank geography.”


GIS: Going In Style