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Student Information System Information Session PowerPoint Presentation
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Student Information System Information Session

Student Information System Information Session

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Student Information System Information Session

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  1. Student Information System Information Session Presented by Kim Reany & Andrew Staples SIS Specialists Faculty of Arts Orientation for New Academic Staff August 30, 2006

  2. SIS Information Session Today’s Agenda • SIS Specialist Program • The Minerva Student Information System • “Minerva for faculty and staff” site • Minerva SIS Menus • Minerva SIS Highlights • Questions/Feedback

  3. Student Information System SIS Specialist Program • Provides one-on-one training and support • Offers customized information sessions • Liaises between end users and university units • Provides documentation • Offers support via Help line and e-mail

  4. Minerva Student Information System What is the Minerva Student Information System?

  5. Minerva Student Information System • Minerva is a web interface to McGill’s database where all student, employee, and financial data is stored • As McGill faculty you have access to various menus on Minerva depending on your role in the McGill community

  6. Minerva Student Information System • Most undergraduate processes for Faculty require the use of the Minerva site and Minerva web forms • Access to the ‘Minerva for faculty and staff’ site is available via the McGill gateway or directly at:

  7. ‘Minerva for faculty and staff’ • The site provides access to and information about McGill's integrated systems for Finance, Human Resources and Student Records • Without logging in it is possible to view non-secure information like Course Catalogue and Class Schedule • Log in to view secure information using Minerva menus

  8. McGill Home Page Select “Minerva for Faculty and Staff”

  9. ‘Minerva for faculty and staff’ Click any of these options to display additional information

  10. Minerva Student Information System: Menus • Minerva Main Menu • Minerva Faculty Menu • Minerva Advisor Menu • Minerva On-Line Help

  11. Minerva Main Menu Access to your Class Lists, Final Grades etc. Access to advising Transcript and Degree Evaluation

  12. Minerva Faculty Menu Select term and CRN for Class Lists & Final Grades View and Download Class lists and Class Photos Course related information Used while entering grades

  13. Minerva Faculty Menu cont’d McGill Online Course Evaluation View course sections with enrollment figures

  14. Minerva Advisor Menu Degree Evaluation Report (DER) audit of student’s record Unofficial Student Transcript can be viewed and printed Graduation List with link to DER & Advising Transcript

  15. Minerva On-Line Help • Help is available for each form on Minerva • It is context sensitive. To get help on a form you must actually be within that form

  16. Minerva Help Menus Click “Help”

  17. Minerva SIS Highlights • Course Catalog • Class Schedule • Class Lists • Final Grades

  18. Course CatalogWhat is it • List of all McGill courses whether they are currently offered or not • Available to the public; no need to log in • To see courses that are available for registration in a selected term use Class Schedule, not Course Catalog

  19. Course Catalog Where to find it Click “For Instructors” Then Click “Course Catalog” icon

  20. Course CatalogWhat it looks like

  21. Class Schedule What is it • List of all course sections available for the specified term • Shows sections that are Active, Temporarily Closed, Registration not Required and Cancelled • Inactive Sections are not displayed • Available to the public without enrollment information • Enrollment figures available on Minerva after log in

  22. Class Schedule (without enrollment)Where to find it Click “For Instructor” Then Click “Class Schedule” icon

  23. Class Schedule:What it looks like To view enrollment information log in to Minerva and access Class Schedule via the Faculty or Advisor Menus

  24. Class List: What is it and Where to find it • List of all the students enrolled in a specific section • Access only to courses for which you have been listed as instructor • Class List located on the Faculty Menu (after logging in to Minerva)

  25. Class List Download Class List

  26. Final Grades: What is it and Where to find it • Web form used to submit final grades for students registered in a course section • Access only to courses for which you have been listed as instructor • Final Grades located on the Faculty Menu (after logging in to Minerva)

  27. Final Grades: What it Looks Like Copy and Paste feature Enter grades directly Instructor Comment

  28. Processing Grades • Each person is responsible for processing grades for his/her course • There are two methods of processing grades: • Enter grades directly • Copy & Paste from an Excel spreadsheet

  29. Processing Grades: Deadlines • Deadlines for grade submission are emailed by the Student Affairs Office • Guidelines are also available in the Faculty of Arts ‘Academic Adviser’s Handbook’

  30. Processing Grades: Assistance • Step-by-step assistance on these methods is available at: • Personalized assistance available by calling your SIS Specialist

  31. Minerva Resources • Information on using the Faculty Menu can be found at: • Call us if you would like to schedule a one-on-one session to go over these processes, or any others on the Minerva Student Information System

  32. SIS Specialists, Recap • Primary resource for departmental staff • Ongoing visits to departments regarding all SIS processes • Ongoing consultation with advisers about Degree Evaluation • Help Line: 398-5802 • Email:

  33. Student Information System Information Session Thank you

  34. Student Information System Information Session Questions Feedback