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AN INTEGRATED ENGLISH COURSE. Gao Yufen English Department R-406 84724483. Unit 4. Text 1 Why I Want a Wife. Teaching Points. I. Pre-reading discussion and presentation II. Introduction III. Text Analysis IV. Questions V. Structural analysis and Rhetorical features

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an integrated english course

Gao Yufen

English Department R-406Nancy5815@sina.com84724483

unit 4

Unit 4

Text 1 Why I Want a Wife

teaching points
Teaching Points
  • I. Pre-reading discussion and presentation
  • II. Introduction
  • III. Text Analysis
  • IV. Questions
  • V. Structural analysis and Rhetorical features
  • VI. Discussion about Text II
i pre reading discussion
I. Pre-reading discussion
  • 1 How would a wife help her husband who wants to go back to school and achieve economic independence?
  • 2. Is there any change today in women’s status in China and around the world?
  • 3. What would one do if one finds a more suitable wife?
ii introduction
II. Introduction
  • About the author: Judy Syfers
  • A self-centered man
  • The duty of wives in western countries
iii text analysis
III. Text Analysis

Paragraphs 1-2

The writer introduces her identity in the first

paragraph and starts her bitter satire, in the

second paragraph, on those men desiring for a

wife who fits in with their ideal notions by

pretend that she would like to have a wife with

all possible virtues.

language work
Language work

1. incidentally ~ in a way that was not planned, but as a result of something else

  • Quite incidentally, I got some information at the party.
  • The infections are discovered only incidentally at postmortem examination

2. ex-wife ~ former wife

  • ex- ~ former ( and still living)
  • an ex-minister
  • an ex-policeman
paragraphs 3 7
Paragraphs 3-7

Here Syfers divides a wife's duties and responsibilities into various functions or services ac- cording to the ideal notions most men are likely to have for a wife.

language work12
Language work

3. if need be ~ if necessary

  • We will come to your help if need be.
  • If need be, we can take a second car to fit everyone in.

4. keep track of ~ to have accurate and up-to-date information about something all the time

  • How do you manage to keep track of the latest economic development?
  • It's hard to keep track of time in here.
5. make sure ~ to take action so that something will certainly happen ( In the object clause following make sure, the verb usually appears in the present tense but refers to the future time. )

Make sure that you get here before eight tomorrow morning.

Before you start to fill in the form, make sure you fully understand the instructions.

6. peer ~ a person of the same age, class, position, etc. as oneself

It is hard to resist peer pressure.

He is popular with his peers.

7. rambling ~ ( of a speech, writing) disordered and wandering

I've just had this rambling, incoherent letter from my sister.

His actions were accompanied by a rambling monologue.

8. hors d'oeuvres ~ savory food served in small amounts at the beginning of a meal

9. replenish ~ to fill up again

Let me replenish your glass.

Food stocks were replenished by imports from the USA.

10. sensitive to ~ strongly or easily influenced or changed by

She is sensitive to the change of weather.

His reply showed he was very sensitive to criticism.

11. clutter up ~ to make untidy or confused, especially by filling with useless or unwanted things

This room is so impressive that it would be a shame to clutter it up.

She says she deliberately tries not to clutter up her mind.

12. entail ~ to make (an event or action) necessary; to involve

The changed outlook entails higher economic growth than was previously assumed.

Repairing the roof will entail spending a lot of money.

13. adherence to ~ acting in accordance (with something) ; following (something)

He was noted for his strict adherence to the rules.

The villagers' adherence to their religious beliefs impressed all the visitors.

14. monogamy ~ the custom or practice of having only one wife or husband at one time

mono- ~ one, single

Other examples: monologue, monolingual

paragraphs 8 9
paragraphs 8-9

The writer states a wife's status in a


language work19
Language work

15. replace ... with ~ to change one for another, often better, newer, etc.

  • We've replaced those typewriters with computers.
  • Tourism has replaced agriculture as the nation's main industry.
paragraph 10
Paragraph 10

The writer asks two questions in this essay, one in the second paragraph and the other at the end of the essay. What is the value of each of these two questions?

: The first question "Why do I want a wife?" leads to the main body of the essay -- a wife's duties and responsibilities. The last rhetorical question "My God, who wouldn't want a wife?" satirically concludes the essay.

iv questions
IV. Questions
  • 1. How would a wife deal with the writer's social life?
  • 2. What does the writer say about the sexual expectations and behavior of the self-centered husbands?
  • 3. Why is "wife" consistently used throughout the text instead of the pronoun "she" or "her"?
  • 4. What is the tone of the writer?
v structural analysis and rhetorical features
V. Structural analysis and Rhetorical features
  • A simple, straightforward style
  • Repetition is employed
vi discussion about text ii
VI. Discussion about Text II
  • Of Marriage and Single Life