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Programming for Computer Games PowerPoint Presentation
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Programming for Computer Games

Programming for Computer Games

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Programming for Computer Games

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  1. Programming for Computer Games Unit 16

  2. Scenario You are employed by a new game company looking to break into the casual games market A massive new market for development in the last few years

  3. Scenario We are going to create a handbook for introducing people to game programming fundamentals as well as a game to support this work to.

  4. AO1 Analyse programming principles using game-specific examples!

  5. Pass Candidates demonstrate a basic understanding of programming principles. They use limited game-specific examples.

  6. Merit Candidates demonstrate a detailed understanding of programming principles. They analyse a simple game sequence and describe the underlying programming processes which make it work. They use a range of game specific examples

  7. Distinction Candidates demonstrate a in-depth understanding of programming principles and practice. They analyse events and processes from existing games with comprehensive clarity. They use a wide range of game-specific examples

  8. Generalised Programming There are numerous programming languages available which differ in • Syntax • Style • Purpose However they share some principles which means when you learn one you can easily pick up more

  9. Process Analysis All programs are written to do something • Perform a calculation • Run a game PROCESS INPUT OUTPUT

  10. Data Structures Stores information Playername = Lwillis Variable “Playername” is now filled in with the syntax “Lwillis” Different names for different variables Can’t be same as codewords

  11. Algorithms Programs are made of Algorithms. These are chunks of code that carry out an individual process. Game Loops are prime examples of this, it will allow a cloud to move in the background, a waterfall to carry on flowing etc A player twitching happens to remind players

  12. Control Structures Where a game as many outcomes it needs to jump to Game Loops quickly What if you turned your car left, and then onto train tracks on GTA

  13. Good Programming Practice Must be wrote in an easy to understand manner Good variable names Sizeable IF loops, intendet. Adding coding into comments so people can understand what they are doing

  14. Portfolio Activity For your handbook explain the fundamental principles of programming. • Process Analysis (inputs and outputs) • Data Structures • Algorithms • Control Structures • Good Programming Practice

  15. E-Portfolio Activity For each area give a range of examples from existing games Obtaining the code for a simple and annotate it to explain these processes whilst they are occurring

  16. Submission – EPortfolio Set up a Dreamweaver Website 6 buttons for each assessment objective A dedicated folder for this website within the unit