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Meiosis Vocabulary

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Meiosis Vocabulary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Meiosis Vocabulary. Chromatin. Chromosomes. All of the DNA in an uncondensed (spaghetti-like) form. A double rod of condensed chromatin. Sister Chromatids : the two halves of a chromosome; half original, half rebuilt

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  • All of the DNA in an uncondensed (spaghetti-like) form
  • A double rod of condensed chromatin

Sister Chromatids: the two halves of a chromosome; half original, half rebuilt

  • Homologous Chromosomes (pairs): chromosomes containing the same gene (possibly different alleles)
    • one from mom, one from dad
    • Line up together in tetrads during meiosis

Centromeres: the region of DNA where 2 sister chromatids come together

  • Spindle Fibers: fibers that attach to sister chromatids and bring them to opposite poles during meiosis
ty pes of cells
Types of Cells



  • Cells that contain double the amount of chromosomes than haploid cells
  • Usually called the “normal” number of chromosomes
  • Two copies of each gene
  • Cells that contain half the amount of chromosomes than diploid cells
  • One copy of each gene
  • How the chromosomes line up during Metaphase I of meiosis
  • Homologous chromosomes and their copies (sister chromatids) line up
  • Homologous chromosomes randomly line up in tetrad formation during meiosis
  • Many possibilities for the combination of alleles in offspring

Two possibilities of lining up

crossing over
  • Exchange of genes between homologous chromosomes during meiosis
  • Adds more variation