math menu using nspire cas in the classroom day 2 n.
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Math Menu: Using Nspire CAS in the Classroom Day 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Math Menu: Using Nspire CAS in the Classroom Day 2

Math Menu: Using Nspire CAS in the Classroom Day 2

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Math Menu: Using Nspire CAS in the Classroom Day 2

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  1. Math Menu: Using Nspire CAS in the ClassroomDay 2

  2. Virtue Prayer –Acceptance Lord God, Creator of us all & loving Father, Please bless our session today. In the spirit of acceptance, please help us to be open to exploring how to address the needs of our diverse learners. Also, at this busy time of year, may your spirit strengthen us to carry on and support one another to the end of this school year. Thank you for the blessing of the Dufferein-Peel community. We pray all things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  3. Agenda • Welcome/ Prayer • Minds On • Lesson De-brief • Sharing of Lessons • Action • Edit & Post Lessons on the Wiki • New Nspire 3.0 Features • Connect to Class (Upgrade OS and distribute files) • Finding and Using Pre-made Activities • Consolidate • Summer Nspire Training • Next Steps • Dismissal

  4. Minds On …

  5. Working Groups Co-debrief Lessons • Gather in your working Groups from last time • Create a summary on chart paper containing: • Course, Expectations, Learning Goal for your lesson • What went well in the lesson? • What would you change? • Were there student misconceptions or student “aha” moments? • Where would you go next with the lesson?

  6. Sharing of Lessons • Describe your lesson to the whole group • Use Live Presenter in Navigator to demonstrate the activity to the group • Provide feedback suggestions to the other groups?

  7. Action…

  8. Editing and Posting of Lessons • In your working groups: • Edit your 3-part lesson on the lesson template • Post it on the wiki: • • If you need access to the internet: • SSID: 301 - Meeting Room • Password: dufferin-peel2


  10. New Math Functionality 10 • Modeling on background image • Exact values and linking in Graphs and Geometry applications (can use multiples of π) • Improved math results in CAS platform • 3D Graphing

  11. Modeling on Background Image • Images jpg, bmp, png or clipboard • Background Image – Graphs, Geometry, Data & Statistics • Inline with text – Questions, Notes

  12. Improved Math Results • Algebra • Improvements to simplification, solving equations, inequalities and systems of equations • Calculus • Improvements to series, limits, integrals, derivatives and differential equations. Calculations with Piecewise Functions. Calculations in Approximate Mode. • Graph & Geometry • Exact arithmeticimprovements: pi on tic marks, window settings, coordinates; fractions; exponential… X X

  13. 3D Graphing • Expressions of the form z(x, y) • View and explore the result in three-dimensional space. The initial solution is limited to 3D surface plotting. • Disabled by Press-to-Test. • Can plot more than one function in a problem. Allows for dynamic changes using sliders

  14. 3D Graphing • Accessing 3D Graphing • Add Graphs application/page and select the 3D Graphing View option • 3D Graphing is a separate environment and switching between 3D and 2D graphing and Plane Geometry is similar to switching from Graphing to Plane Geometry View: no objects carry over between the environments. • Once in 3D Graphing View, the menus change to 3D menus, for example: • “Graph Type” Menu changes to “3D Graph Type Menu • Menus are changed to 3D specific Menu Items

  15. 3D Graphing 3D Graphing • Space Range Settings (see pictures above) • Zoom • Animation • Manual Animation, via cursor keys: • Press the left and right cursor keys to rotate the graph horizontally. • Press the up and down cursor keys to rotate the graph vertically • Automatic Rotation • Press x, y, z to view the graph along the x axis, the y axis, the z axis and to return to the original orientation • Sliders: Change the slider value to see the graph change accordingly.

  16. 3D Graphing 3D Graphing Trace Options • zTrace • Trace Setup

  17. LUNCH Bless us, O Lord, and these your gifts, which we are about to receive from your bounty. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  18. Connect To Class • Each school has a Connect to Class kit • You can install the software on a board or personal computer • The kit contains two 4 port USB hubs that allow you to distribute files and OS to up to 8 handhelds at a time. • You can easily distribute OS updates or files to 8 handhelds at once

  19. Check out Some Premade Activities • The Activities Exchange contains over 1000 premade activities for Nspire or Nspire CAS • You can search for a topic of your choice • Let’s see how to do it… • With a partner, download and try an activity

  20. Online Resources • With a partner check out the links on the Nspire wiki on the Math Menu-Using Nspire page: • TI Math Nspired Activities Exchange Google Group

  21. Consolidation…

  22. Summer Nspire Training • One teacher per school will be sponsored to take a 3 day Nspire summer session • August 9-11 @ Cardinal Ambrozic CSS • You get an Nspire CAS CX handheld, Nspire CAS Teacher Software v3 license & 3 days of PD from T3 Instructors • Information about registration coming soon • Info online at

  23. Next Steps • Think/Pair/Share • What are your next steps on using Nspire in your classroom? • What supports do you need? • What is the most effective way to deliver PD on how to use Nspire? Questions? Comments

  24. For more information, please contact me: • Dwight Stead – Mathematical Literacy Consultant (7-12) x24533