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leaving systems to secure everyday outcomes n.
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Leaving Systems To Secure Everyday Outcomes PowerPoint Presentation
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Leaving Systems To Secure Everyday Outcomes

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Leaving Systems To Secure Everyday Outcomes
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Leaving Systems To Secure Everyday Outcomes

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  1. Leaving Systems To Secure Everyday Outcomes There’s No (Better) Other Way

  2. Show of Hands • True of not: What we’ve left with in services for people with disability today is frightening. There are big problems that can’t just be fixed internally anymore. While we might like to believe that solutions will find themselves in time, we can’t help but wonder why all this time and money over the years hasn’t secured everyday lives for people.

  3. How Today’s Service Systems Started Out • A way to manage support for people in the community and institutions. • Relying on: Public tax base for funding Government agencies to set rules Private agencies to offer specialized services People being kept safe and secure

  4. The System’s Early Mission • To manage a continuum of services leading people to everyday lives with home places, jobs and secure community ties • To advance integration of people in community life • To promote autonomy and rights • To ensure relevant programs, appropriate structures, individualization and dignity of risk

  5. Where This Mission Has Led

  6. History’s Viewfor Better and Worse

  7. Your Grades For The System

  8. System Opportunities Taken Over the years • To limit public funding to agency operated services in agency operated settings • To limit accountability to the health and welfare of individuals, not outcomes of an every day life • To remain invested in congregate care approaches despite outcomes and costs • To install practices that perpetuate the system’s domain, leaving society and people dependent on its ways

  9. Opportunities LostOver the Years • To fade out of peoples lives and share roles with community resources, especially employers, citizen advocates, friends and family • To support community resources that achieve basic outcomes of a job, a home place, and lasting ties • To respond to the people on waiting for service • To hold ourselves accountable to an outcome directed path, supported by independent monitoring and community resources

  10. Wouldn’t It Be Nice(A sing along) • If people were identified not by: -what institution they were ‘in’ - what community agency they’re ‘placed with’ - the public funding they receive • If neighbors, families, friends and employers had access to support resources like system providers, casemanagers, and administrators do

  11. What Stakeholders Can Expect • New roles and ways in employment, civic engagement, and accommodation • Financial support for work that addresses unfunded mandate concerns when tied to securing jobs, home places, and community ties • Better communities for all citizens as result of our new roles

  12. How Community FrameworksFigure Into The Future • Keep barriers and system ways out of people’s lives. • Secure ways for people and their support community networks to address • Ensure people and their support workers have the most at stake and the most responsible • Support relationships that achieve clear community outcomes

  13. What systems can expect • Reorientation based on resources controlled by people and communities, not systems • Public pressure to secure jobs, home places and community ties with public resources • Competition from families, friends, and generic services in terms of offering support • Deconstruction of administrative controls, particularly in case-management, health related services, and system monitoring • Ending of congregate care and a flowering of shared living

  14. What goes and stays

  15. Who Get’s The Job • ALL • OF • US • in the world One person and community at a time Forever….