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Minnesota Solutions

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Minnesota Solutions. effective , efficient, sustainable solutions to community problems through the collaborative efforts and resources of citizens, business, government, and nonprofits. Why Minnesota Solutions?.

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Minnesota Solutions

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minnesota solutions

Minnesota Solutions

effective, efficient, sustainable solutions to community problems through the collaborative efforts and resources of citizens, business, government, and nonprofits

why minnesota solutions
Why Minnesota Solutions?

A confluence of forces are obligating elected officials and community leaders to do more with less, think smarter, act quickly, and learn new and better ways of solving problems– to focus limited time, energy, and resources on developing the best possible solutions to state and community problems.

why minnesota solutions1
Why Minnesota Solutions?

Rapid social, political, technological and environmental change is transforming communities and states, bringing to the forefront conflict among interests

chronic budget deficits

dramatic demographic change

increasingly polarized politics

2011 Minnesota state shutdown

diminishing resources from the federal to the local level

increasing responsibility for problem solving without adequate resources

increasingly frustrated and alienated public

why minnesota solutions2
Why Minnesota Solutions?
  • Better decisions
  • Faster implementation
  • Bridges differences
  • Deals productively with shared power for decision-making
  • Creates new resources
solutions model
Solutions Model
  • A community defines a problem they want to solve
  • The governor designates the project and an impartial convener to bring people together
  • Participants sign a Declaration of Cooperation
  • Implementation begins

Oregon reduced the number of Oregon children in foster care by 20 percent.

Sherman County became the last county in Oregon to develop a public library.

Delaware formed the Cancer Consortium which led to Delaware having the best rate of improvement for cancer mortality in the country.


Minnesota Legislature passes Longterm Care Reform using collaborative processes.

Arizona Department of Transportation saves millions in lawsuits by instituting partnering policy for construction projects.

Manitoba, Minnesota, North and South Dakota and the Canadian and US Federal Governments form International Flood Mitigation Initiative to address flooding in the Red River Basin.

Maryland Department of Families, Youth, and children negotiated agreements with each county over ways to reform human services delivery.

pilot project
Pilot Project

Minnesota Solutions will begin with a pilot issue.

The Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and the Metropolitan Airports Commission are interested in standardizing taxi regulations and fares, eliminating duplication of services between local governmental agencies, reducing regulatory hurdles and barriers, and improving service for customers.


Our vision is to establish the Solutions model in Minnesota.

Bench marks include:

An executive order and/or legislation establishing Minnesota Solutions

Establishment of a permanent Steering Committee whose members are appointed by the Governor

Secure governmental, foundation, and fee-for-service funding

advisory council objectives
Advisory Council Objectives

Foster the momentum and will to establish the Solutions Model in Minnesota

Leverage influence and resources to develop Minnesota Solutions

Provide guidance and technical assistance for pilot issues

Recommend members of the permanent Steering Committee to the Governor and help to assemble these members

Lobby for an Executive order and/or legislation establishing Minnesota Solutions

Identify priority issues

advisory committee commitment
Advisory Committee Commitment
  • Work on Advisory Committee objectives
  • Meet monthly for one year
    • Policy fellows will coordinate meeting logistics and prepare agendas