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  1. Juxtaposition

  2. Juxtaposition: Defined Literally means: side by side Often used to compare and contrast two or more objects Artists use this technique to make a statement or point out irony

  3. Visual Juxtaposition

  4. Visual Juxtaposition

  5. Visual Juxtaposition

  6. Visual Juxtaposition

  7. Literary Juxtaposition Let's take a situation from any generic film. A very poor woman gives birth to twins and dies immediately after. The sons get separated at birth. While one son finds himself adopted into a wealthy factory owner's house, the other is a street child who turns into a petty thief. The film story traces their journey through life. At a crucial moment, the son who is a petty thief corners the other son in a dark alley and mugs him. Ajuxtaposition is drawn here which shows the contrast that both sons, born of the same mother and identical to look at, are yet so much different in their motives, lifestyles and characters. Juxtaposition is used to draw a contrast between the two, but it is still connected somewhere and it is possible to place them side by side to draw a contrast.