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Development of Hindgut PowerPoint Presentation
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Development of Hindgut

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Development of Hindgut - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Development of Hindgut. Dr. Rania Gabr. Objectives. Enlist the derivatives of hindgut. Discuss the development of Hindgut. Describe Hindgut abnormalities. Derivatives of Hindgut. Distal 1/3 rd of the transverse colon Descending colon Sigmoid colon Rectum Upper part of the anal canal

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  • Enlist the derivatives of hindgut.
  • Discuss the development of Hindgut.
  • Describe Hindgut abnormalities.
derivatives of hindgut
Derivatives of Hindgut
  • Distal 1/3rd of the transverse colon
  • Descending colon
  • Sigmoid colon
  • Rectum
  • Upper part of the anal canal
  • The endoderm of the hindgut also forms the internal lining of the urinary bladder and urethra.
  • In 5th week midgut is suspended from the posterior abdominal wall by a short mesentery.
  • The Midgutis connected with yolk sac by vitelline duct or yolk stalk.
development of hindgut
Development of Hindgut
  • The terminal portion of the hindgut enters into the posterior region of cloaca, the anorectal canal.
  • The Developing hindgut is supplied by the inferior mesenteric artery.
  • The junction between the segment of transverse colon derived from the midgutand that originated from the hindgut is indicated by the change in blood supply
  • The Cloaca is the dilatation of hind gut closed by The cloacal membrane
  • The Cloaca receives three openings:
  • The Alantois ventrally
  • 2 Mesonephric ducts one on each side
partitioning of the cloaca
Partitioning of the cloaca

-Occurs during 4th to 7th weeks

- Urorectal septum , which is a mesodermal septum, divides cloaca into:

1-Primitiveurogenital sinusanteriorly

2- Anorectal canalposteriorly


After division of the cloaca, the anorectal canal becomes continuous with the hindgut to form the Rectum and Anal canal

  • The Primitive urogenital sinus is divided by the theopening of mesonephric duct into:

1. Vesico-uretheral canal

2. Definitive urogenital sinus.

  • This septum divides also cloacal membrane into ventral urogenital membrane and dorsal anal membrane.
partitioning of cloaca
Partitioning of Cloaca
  • By the seventh week, the urorectal septum has fused with the cloacal membrane
  • Dividing it into a dorsalanal membrane and a larger ventral urogenital membrane
  • The area of fusion of the urorectal septum with the cloacal membrane is represented in the adult by the perineal body
Cloacal membrane

urogenital membrane


anal membrane



Urogenital membrane

Urorectal septum

Anal membrane

rectum and anal canal
Rectum and Anal Canal
  • The Dorsal part of cloaca (anorectal canal) forms the mucosa of rectum and upper ½ of anal canal.
  • While their muscles are develop from the surrounding mesoderm.
  • The Lower ½ of anal canal develops from proctodeum(ectodermal depression below anal membrane).
rectum and anal canal1
Rectum and Anal Canal
  • The Anal membrane ruptures at the 9thweek to allow continuity between the 2 parts of anal canal.
  • The Upper ½ of the anal mucosa is endodermal while lower ½ is ectodermal.
  • The Pectinateline separates between 2 parts in adult.
congenital anomalies
Congenital Anomalies
  • 1- Imperforate Anus:
  • Failure of rupture of the anal membrane.