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Moohanad Hassan Maedeh Pishvaei

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Moohanad Hassan Maedeh Pishvaei. Introduction. Open Source Apache foundation project Relational DB: SQL Server CouchDB : JSON document-oriented DB ( NoSQL ) CouchDB database is made up collections You can think of  collections  as  tables   from relational databases

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moohanad hassan maedeh pishvaei
Moohanad Hassan


  • Open Source Apache foundation project
  • Relational DB: SQL Server
  • CouchDB : JSON document-oriented DB (NoSQL)
  • CouchDB database is made up collections
  • You can think of collections as tables  from relational databases
  • Collections are made up of zero or more `documents'.
  • You can think of documents as a row  from relational databases
  • Schema free: No need to design your tables, you can simply start storing new values


  • FirstName="Bob", Address="5 Oak St.", Hobby="sailing“
  • FirstName="Jonathan", Address="15 Wanamassa Point Road", Children=("Michael,10", "Jennifer,8", "Samantha,5", "Elena,2").
  • No wasting storage on empty, or null fields.
  • Web Server /Application Server: Write a client side application that talks directly to the Couch without the need for a server side middle layer
  • Having the database stored locally, your client side application can run with almost no latency. 
  • Data replication model:  devices (like Android phones) that can go offline and handle data sync for you when the device is back online.
  • Add attachments to documents
  • Scalable and fault tolerant
  • UseRESTful Interface to store JSON documents:

Data creation/replication/insertion, every management and data task can be done via HTTP.

  • REST=Representational State Transfer
  • Use map/reduce query written in JavaScript
  • Faster than SQL because of using pointers instead of joints
querying documents
Querying documents
  • Map function (extracting data)is executed on every document in the database
    • Emits key/value pairs (Can emit 0, 1, or more KV pairs for each document in the database)
    • key/value pairs are then ordered and indexed by key
    • Query types:
      • Exact: key = x
      • Range: key is between x and y
      • Multiple: key is in list (x,y,z)
    • Reduce functions(data aggregation)
      • e.g. count, sum, group

All Documents

Map function

Key, Value

Key, Value

Query by Key

Key, Value

Key, Value

Key, Value

Key, Value

who use couchdb
Who Use CouchDB?
  • IndependetFacebook Developers
  • Mobile Developers(iPhone, Android)
  • Bloggers
conclusion more information
Conclusion & More Information
  • If your data is truly relational, stick with RDBMS
  • CouchDB is quite low-level, but is very helpful
  • A database designed to run on the internet of today for today’s desktop-like applications and the connected devices through which we access the internet.
  • Tutorial:
  • CouchDB Project:
  • A list of organizations using CouchDB: