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LING 388: Language and Computers

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LING 388: Language and Computers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LING 388: Language and Computers. Sandiway Fong Lecture 29: 12 /6. Administrivia. Last homework o ut today, due next Monday. Files. Use * version of the files for your homework. Homework 8: Japanese Idioms. Examples taroo-ga sensei- ni goma-o sutta

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ling 388 language and computers

LING 388: Language and Computers

Sandiway Fong

Lecture 29: 12/6

  • Last homework
    • out today, due next Monday

Use * version of the files for your homework

homework 8 japanese idioms
Homework 8: Japanese Idioms
  • Examples
    • taroo-ga sensei-ni goma-o sutta
    • taroo-nom teacher-dat sesame-acc grinded
    • “John flattered the teacher”
    • taroo-ga Hanako-ni goma-o sutta
    • taroo-nom Hanako-dat sesame-acc grinded
    • “John flattered Mary”
    • ni = (dat) dative Case marker
    • odateta is the Japanese counterpart for flattered
  • Basic Instructions:
    • Implement the examples and the idiomatic translations
    • submit your modifications to the translator code and example runs
homework 8 japanese idioms1
Homework 8: Japanese Idioms

Detailed Instructions

  • (A) Implement the Japanese sentences
    • submit the modified grammar and the predicate-argument output for the Japanese examples
    • you should obtain both the literal and the idiomatic predicate-argument output
    • You may use: odateta as the Japanese counterpart for flattered
  • (B) Implement the English gloss sentences
    • submit the modified grammar and the predicate-argument output for the examples
  • (C) Implement the translation
    • submit the modified bilingual dictionary and the translator output for the examples
    • Show your translator works bidirectionally for the examples given
  • A programming milestone in this course has been reached…
  • You know how to program with grammars for multiple languages
  • Basic technology: finite state automata, regular grammars, regular expressions
  • We’ve seen additional techniques for implementing a variety of simple syntactic phenomena: basic declarative sentences, English passives, progressives, wh-questions, Japanese passives and wh-questions.
  • Syntax tree and predicate-argument structure based bi-directional translation engines. Idiom translation.
today s lecture
Today’s Lecture
  • Explore (state-of-the-art) Google Translate


taroo-ga sensei-nigoma-osutta

Taroo-NOM teacher-DAT sesame-ACC grind+PAST

Taroo flattered the teacher


case particles




  • Note on input methods (MacOS X)


doctor-NOM spoon-ACC throw+PRES

Idiom “gave up” / “threw a spoon”

(note Japanese allows pro-Drop:

here – the subject of the sentence is covert –

i.e. not mentioned here)


ジョン がバケツを蹴った

John-gabaketsu-o kicked

John-NOM bucket-ACC kick+PAST

Literal “John kicked the bucket”

101 japanese idioms
101 Japanese Idioms

  • Listen & Learn: 101 Japanese IdiomsMichael Maynard
  • Sample pages from book is available online
sesame grinding gomasuri2
Sesame grinding: gomasuri (ごますり)
  • gomasuri (ごますり)

you have

to figure out

how to enter



you can use

an online

Japanese dictionary


sesame grinding gomasuri4
Sesame grinding: gomasuri (ごますり)
  • gomasuri (ごますり) => Carney

Snapshot is from 2008