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Special Tips That Reveal Why You Should Use Magnesium

Here are some tips that will change the way you use magnesium. What you have been told about how to use magnesium is wrong. Now you can get the right information from this nutritionist. Discover one of the best magnesium supplements. Then find out how you should be taking magnesium and it

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Special Tips That Reveal Why You Should Use Magnesium

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  1. Hi Rudy Silva Natural Nutritionist here to tell some important nutritional detail about why you should be concern about using magnesium. Magnesium is just as important as calcium and if you are taking calcium supplements, then you must know how to match magnesium with calcium and it’s not how you’ve been taught. Also you need to know which magnesium supplements you should be using.

  2. Most nutritionist and doctors tell you to take a calcium magnesium supplement where there is twice as much calcium as there is magnesium, a 2:1 ratio. This is wrong. You need to be taking the type of supplement with the ratio of 1:1. In other words there should be just as much magnesium as there is calcium, since magnesium is hard to absorb unless you have the right type.

  3. If you want to get more magnesium into your body, you need to know some secret techniques. First you want to make sure your supplement also contain Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is required, if you want to get more calcium into your body. Vitamin D3 is created when sunlight hits your skin, but you have to be out in the sun at a certain time of the day to get this benefit. So, for sure you will be short on Vitamin D3, unless you supplement with it.

  4. Next, to get good calcium magnesium absorption, you need strong stomach acid. Certain types of magnesium easily dissolve in weak stomach acid and this is the type you want to take. Some magnesium supplements that require strong stomach acid. If you use acid reflux acid reducers, you will not absorb much magnesium. Make sure you take chelated magnesium, which is magnesium bonded with an amino acid. One of the best chelated magnesium is magnesium taurate. This magnesium has been found good for heart health and brain.

  5. So here is what you need to do. Find a Supplement and check that the magnesium is magnesium taurate. If you are on a stomach acid reducer, don’t take it on the day you take your Cal:Mn:D3 supplement. If you can’t find a 1:1 ratio but can get a 2:1 ratio, then buy magnesium taurate as a separate supplement, so you can take more magnesium when you use the 2:1 supplement. If you are taking magnesium separately, take it between meals so your stomach acid is strong.

  6. To get more secrets on how to use magnesium and to discover other good magnesium supplements to use, I have written a kindle book called, Magnesium Nutrition Revealed If you want to check it out, click on the link below this video. Hey, thanks for watching this video, and get started using magnesium the right way.

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