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MLC310 „X-CHANGE“– ARMREST-CONSOLE PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. MLC310 „X-CHANGE“– ARMREST-CONSOLE Professional, high quality AftermarketAccessoryfor a comfortabledrive!

  2. HOW TO ADD Comfort IN A CAR WITHIN FIVE MINUTES – Comfort ”X-Change”! Remove the factory installed armrest by loosing the centre screw – Mount the armrest with the X-change adapter in existing holes!

  3. THE COMFORT ”X-CHANGE” SOLUTION- upgrade for cars with ”modeste” original armrests! • Standard factory installed armrests often lack vital comfort and quality features. • The X-change solution now solves this problem! • Comfort X-change gives the car owner a lot of added value and clever features, as you will now offer; • A broader, highly comfortable armrest that offer support for both driver & passenger • An extra compartment box, without interferring with existing cup holders or similar • Ideal ergonomics that offer comfortable seating thanks to height adjustment • Premium quality that comes with a 3 yearwarranty • Fast & Easy Mounting procedure – done in 5-10 minutes ! Comfort “X-Change” – the perfect upgrade for proper comfort!

  4. THE DIFFERENCE – Before and after......with X-Change Before with standard armrest… …and After with X-change

  5. COMFORT – maintains the interior airy & spacious without blocking any existing storage space! All armrests are mounted directly onto the seat and being fully foldable & adjustable. No ”free space” like storage boxes or the handbrake are blocked or indesposable due to the Comfort armrests!

  6. Company Sydmeko Industri AB is a Swedish, family owned company which was founded in 1936. The company is now runned by third generation entrepreneurs with headquarter and factory situated in Arlöv, just outside Malmö –in the very south of Sweden. Sydmeko is an innovative refining company with sheet metal processing as main specialty. With a wide network of subcontractors, Sydmeko also process and supply materials such as plastics, PUR, textile, leather etc. The company niche is construction, production and sales of own developed products mainly within two business areas -armrest systems for personal cars (Comfort Armrest System) and display systems for banners and signs (StandOut Banner Display System). We are currently a growing company active on an international market with about 70 % export share. Our business idea: ”to develop, produce and market niche products with a high grade of innovation, design and quality -that have an international market potential”. SydmekoIndustri AB, Santessonsv. 3, SE-23291 Arlöv. Phone: +46 40-83640 Fax: +46 40 89090 / / Mail: