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fomyr fmg%,A MkAðu

fomyr fmg%,A MkAðu. mq<sÕ+ fmAKqj. msgdr ljq,qj. udre ljq,qj. pQIK ljq,qj. oÕr l| l+àrh. oÕr l|. fomyr fmg%,A MkAðu. WXql+re myr. msiagkh my< isg by<g .ukalrhs. ms<sfj,ska. yqjudre ljq,qj. msgdr ljq¿j jeiShhs. pQIK ljq¿j újD; fõ. mssiagkhg by< fmg%,A ñY%Kh iïmSXkh fõ.

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fomyr fmg%,A MkAðu

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  1. fomyr fmg%,A MkAðu

  2. mq<sÕ+ fmAKqj msgdr ljq,qj udre ljq,qj pQIK ljq,qj oÕr l| l+àrh oÕr l|

  3. fomyr fmg%,A MkAðu

  4. WXql+re myr msiagkh my< isgby<g .ukalrhs ms<sfj,ska yqjudre ljq,qj msgdr ljq¿j jeiShhs pQIK ljq¿j újD; fõ mssiagkhg by< fmg%,A ñY%Kh iïmSXkh fõ oÕrl| jg 1$2 lrlefõ

  5. hál+re myr fmr iïmSXkh jQ fmg%,A ñY% jd;h oykh fõ msiagkh by< isg my<g .ukalrhs msgdr ljq¿j újD; ù oykh jQ jd;h msgfõ yqjudre lj¿qj õjD; ù fmg%,A ñY% jd;h is,skAXrhg weoS Mhs pQIK lj¿qj jeiShhs oÕrl| jg 1$2 lrlefõ

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