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Sherry Lake. Candidate for Metadata Specialist for User Projects. The Big Red Bow. Metadata. Census. Weather. Traffic. For Modeling Virginia. What is Metadata?. Information about an information resource of any media type or format.

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Sherry lake

Sherry Lake

Candidate for

Metadata Specialist for User Projects

The big red bow
The Big Red Bow





ForModeling Virginia

What is metadata
What is Metadata?

Information about an information resource of any media type or format.

Metadata Fundamentals for All Librarians, Priscilla Caplan, 2003.

Information To…..

  • Identify

  • Find

  • Access

  • Manage

  • Help in using the data

Community specific metadata
Community Specific Metadata

  • TEI

  • EAD

  • VRA

  • DDI


  • (FGDC)

describe works of visual culture and images.

  • standard for encoding finding aids so that they can be searched and viewed online

  • standard for description of social and behavioral sciences datasets

metadata for describing structural divisions in text

metadata for describing maps, and geospatial datasets

General metadata schemes
General Metadata Schemes

  • MARC

  • Dublin Core

  • METS

  • MODS

  • GDMS

  • DescMeta

  • Library of Congress metadata for describing complex digital library

  • Objects. It encodes descriptive, administrative, and structural metadata

Descriptive metadata, derivative of MARC21

  • Developed by UVA’s Digital Research and Development Group for collection and data objects

Format used in traditional libraries

A simple international standard metadata for

describing digital resources across disciplines

UVa’s descriptive metadata for Digital Library objects

Cross discipline project
Cross Discipline Project

  • Digital Library Research and Development

  • Brown Science and Engineering Library

  • Geospatial and Statistical Data Center

  • Civil Engineering

  • Systems and Information Engineering

  • Various Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Project goals
Project Goals

  • To provide easy access to a diverse collection of data resources about Virginia

  • To design a general approach to collection building (and metadata) that can be applied to all kinds of statistical and science datasets

Project scope
Project Scope

  • United States Census of Population and Housing 2000, Virginia: Summary File 3

  • Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Data

  • National Climatic Data Center (Virginia), Climate Surface Data

The data problem
The Data Problem

  • Three different datasets

    • Space and time

    • Definitions and terms

  • Various “native” data formats

  • SPSS

  • Comma Delimited

  • Oracle Database

  • Lots of Data for Virginia

  • 135 counties, 48 files each (Census)

  • 1948 – 2005, 1326 historical & active stations (Climate)

Simplifying the problem
Simplifying the Problem

  • Choosing a subset of the data to test the design

  • Breaking the data down into smaller parts;

    defining “Datasets Objects”

  • Choosing a common file format; creating “Database Objects”

Modeling virginia objects

Modeling Virginia





Station Data

Incident Data

Climate Division 1

Climate Division 2

School Districts



Va Beach


File 1

File 2

File 3

Modeling Virginia Objects

Dataset object metadata
Dataset Object Metadata

  • Metadata Purpose

To describe the hierarchical dataset

To use for discovery

To tie the datasets together

  • Metadata Standard

GDMS (General Descriptive Modeling Scheme)

Position for use in UVa’s Digital Library

Database object metadata
Database Object Metadata

  • Do the datasets have “native” metadata?

  • What existing standards are best suited for numerical data? FGDC? DDI?

  • Other Considerations?

Choosing a standard
Choosing a Standard

  • Review of FGDC and DDI with the following criteria:

    • Data file description as a whole

    • Physical description of the file format

    • Variable level description

    • Variable, physical description

Using the ddi standard
Using the DDI Standard

  • Created a Data Dictionary

    • Applying the Digital Library’s Minimum Metadata Requirements

    • Using only metadata elements that apply to these database objects and the project

Training with metadata
Training with Metadata

  • Instructed members how to create DDI files

    • Advised on metadata content

    • Created DDI-XML Template

  • One-on-one training with Nesstar Publisher

    • Created Nesstar Templates

  • One-on-one and group training on GDMS


Reviewing metadata
Reviewing Metadata

  • Checked sample DDI mark-up files

  • Discussed the use of other DDI elements

  • Group review of GDMS output

  • Review of Metadata is continuing


  • Demo of Modeling Virginia (Census Data)

What i learned
What I Learned

  • All data objects are different and each have different metadata needs

  • Be clear, consistent and specific

  • Don’t be afraid to alter standards to fit your need: Document your Practice!

  • Metadata must be reviewed and reviewed

  • Include information creators in metadata creation.

Metadata the big red bow
Metadata the Big Red Bow