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  1. We, at Vipara TechnoSoft specialize in delivering high quality, flexible, cost effective, reliable, result-oriented applications which can be capitalized to improve your business solutions. We offer product development, maintenance and support to all our clients that reflect our expertise in software development. We will customize the applications for the last line of our customer specifications. Our standard software products are Payroll software, Inventory software, Finance and Accounting software and many other ERP solutions.

  2. VPayroll VPayroll - The complete payroll management solutions is for all size and type business. The product provides you with an Easy-to-Use, Accurate and Secure salary processing solutions with all customized features you need.

  3. Key Features • Run over internal LAN network. • Comes with the Trial period of 30 days. • Setup multi-user access with password protect. • Option for entering attendance data manually or can be integrated to Biometric Time & Attendance system’s database. • Powerful MIS report module with Grouping, Sorting and Filtering options. • Customizable Leave Management with option of Manager Approval. • Customizable Salary Components according to the requirements. • Loans and Advance tracking. • Allows calculating PF, EPS, EPF, ESI and OT amount. • Reports can be exported in different popular formats like Excel, Word, PDF etc. • Includes all payroll statutory reports like PF, ESI, Form 6A, Form 3A, Form 7 etc.

  4. Employee Master • Allows you to add new employee and modify existing Employee’s details. • Stores all relevant information such as photograph for easy identification. • Captures personal, salary related and other details of Employee. • Captures the reporting manager name. Manager can able to approve the leaves which are requested by his team members.

  5. Nominees / Relations This will allow to add Nominees and Relations of the Employee. The Form 1, Form 2 and Form F can be generated and submit to the government.

  6. Holidays / Weekly Offs • Allows you to configure the company declared holidays and Weekly Offs for the calendar year. • These holidays and Weekly Offs will be considered while calculating the salary.

  7. Salary Components Master • Different Salary Components can be created under Earnings and Deductions. • Salary Components can be a fixed amount or percentage value based on basic salary. • These salary components will appear in the Salary Calculation, Salary Register and Pay slips.

  8. Leave Master • Unlimited Leave types can be created. • Leave name, Maximum days allowed per year, Applicable Gender and Maximum days leave balance can be carry forwarded for next year can be set. • And also can set the Pro-Rated leave balance calculation based on Employee’s joining date.

  9. Attendance Entry • Default Fill • It will check Holidays & Weekly Offs configuration, Approved Leaves and fill the Attendance register. Attendance data can be modified before saving. • Monthly wise Attendance data can be saved for selected single Employee or for all Employees. • Saved Data Fill • It will fill the already saved Attendance data. The data can be modified and save it again before processing the salary.

  10. Salary Calculation • It will calculate the monthly salary for each individual employee. • Salary Components will be calculated according to the configuration depends on Attendance data and Basic salary. • Advance amount will be deducted automatically. Also there is an option to change the installment amount.

  11. Advance Entry • Advance given to the employees can be maintained here. • The installment amount will be deducted from monthly salary. • The advance report can be generated with details of Advance Amount, Deducted and Balance Amount.

  12. Leave Request • Employee can raise the Leave request here. • Once request is raised, manager can Approve/Reject the Leave request. • If request approved, then it will consider as Leave for Salary processing. Otherwise it will consider as Absent. • For Pro-Rated leave types, the Leave balance will be calculated according to the joining date and total days worked.

  13. Leave Approve • Once Manager logs in, Leave approval screen will popup if there are any pending Leave requests to approve. • Manager can Approve/Reject the requests one by one or in a bulk.

  14. Employee Resignation • Allows you to track the Employee’s Resignation. • Reason for resignation and Reliving date can be captured.

  15. Attendance Report • Monthly wise Attendance report can be generated for single Employee or for all Employees. • Report can be exported to Excel for further processing.

  16. Salary Register & Pay slips • The calculated salary details can be generated by Monthly wise and Department wise. • The Salary Pay Slips can be exported to Excel or PDF.

  17. PF & ESI Reports • PF and ESI deducted reports can be generated for given date range and for selected Employee and data can be exported to Excel or PDF.

  18. Form 7, Form 3A and Form 6A • All Payroll statutory reports like Form 7 (ESI contribution), Form 3A, Form 6A, etc. can be generated. • Reports can be exported to Excel or PDF and submit to the government if required.

  19. Employee Query • Employees report with multiple filters.

  20. Resignation, Joining, Advance and Leave Reports • Resignation Report: Displays resignation details of the Employees. The graph for the attrition rate can also be generated. • Joining Report: Display joining details of the Employees who were joined in selected date range. • Advance Report: Displays advance details with deducted amount details. • Leave Report: Displays list of leave requests raised in selected leave types and date range with status.

  21. Thank You Contact: Vispara Technosoft Mobile: +91 - 9845679955 Email:vispara@visparatechnosoft.com Website:www.visparatechnosoft.com