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2-3 February 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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2-3 February 2015

2-3 February 2015

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2-3 February 2015

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  1. 2-3 February 2015 ehcoBUTLER A global ecosystem for the independent and healthy living of elderly people with mild cognitive impairments

  2. AIMA is a No-Profit VoluntaryAssociation, established in Italy in January 1985 , in Campania, in January 2000 “AIMA Team” whoseaimis the improvementof the qualityof life ofhealthyelderly people and ofindividualssufferingfrom Alzheimer’s Disease and theirrelatives

  3. AIMA Napoli Onlus presentation AIMA is always on the side of patients and their families, to look at their needs as concrete problems to answer in real time, but also to look at questions that must be of interest not just for them, but for the entire community.Aima exists to remember to our politicians and administrators, those who have no voice to claim their right

  4. AIMA…AMIAMOCI …an innovative biopsycosocial care model Since its inception in Campania, Aima Napoli Onlus has implemented the model AIMA …Amiamoci, based on a biopsychosocial approach in the context of a process of humanization and continuity of care, and shared in 2003 by a network of international experts, to take care of patients and their families since their diagnosis, throughout the course of the disease and until the terminal phase, through a range of services to the person with the contribution of ANIMA Association

  5. CENTRO ASCOLTO every day from 9.00 to18.00 This includes the Listening Center with listening, information and guidance functions, which leads to an adequate and appropriate support for home care. It represents, for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families, an instant dedicated door connecting directly people’s demands with our professional response, guaranteeing the realization of a unified system of acceptance and management of the demand for “care” Teresa Petrocelli psicologist

  6. AIMA Laboratories to face the cognitive, emotional, behavioural and functionalimpairmentsoftheirusersbyofferingseveralrehabilitationprograms, including Reality OrientationTherapy (ROT), Cognitive StimulationTherapy (CST), ReminiscenceTherapy (RT), RemotivationTherapy, ValidationTherapy and OccupationalTherapy…

  7. patientshave the opportunitytopaint, draw, read, listento the music, converse withother people and in generaltostimulatetheir cognitive and sensoryabilities, enhancetheirresidualskills, improvetheir mood and reduce social isolation

  8. “Self-Help Groups” are meeting places where caregivers can share their experiences and emotions. A space where they can exchange Mutual Help but also a meeting place between therapeutic families and professionals to get information, tips, advice and together build pathways to care and welfare.

  9. Ambulatory Clinic forDementiais a project whoseaimistofollow the patientsduring the entirecourseof the pathology, from the diagnosisto the therapywith AIMA psychologists AmbulatoryDementias Home Care Services Social Transport

  10. a safeplacewhere people withdementia, caregivers and professionals talk, listen, learn and share a therapeuticspacethatprovideseducation, information and opportunitiestosocialize Alzheimer Caffè for Integrate, narrate, communicate, share, live together

  11. Alzheimer Stories everyday This volume, published in 2007 is the result of a synergy of purposes and a two-year collaboration between Institutions and Family Associations. It contains the caregivers’ autobiographical experiences and their real-life stories, told and gathered during the Self Help- Groups. The AIMA Report on Alzheimer's The first in Campania, published in 2011, it is the result of 10 years of the presence of AIMA in this Italian region, the point of reference for individuals with their own needs and for the entire community. An opportunity to reflect collectively on what is our role and on how to evolve constantly in relation to our mission and to what patients and Caregiver ask for, a real and concrete point of departure and a useful tool for the actions of future social policies, as well.

  12. EDUCATION AND RESEARCH Education and training: Regional Vocational Course for Alzheimer’s Caregivers Training Course for Home Care Assistants Educational Path “from Caregive to Caregiver” With regard to research, AIMA Napoli Onlus takes part in scientific studies relating to social, psychological and etiopathogenetic aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease, allowing marked academic advances and improving significantly the social wellbeing.

  13. Educational path for the family competentfrom "Caregiver to Caregiver ..."

  14. AIMA’s role in the project In “ehcoBUTLER” AIMA willconduct a pilotstudywhichwill last for 18 months, including 150-200 patientswithmild Alzheimer’s disease and theirrelatives

  15. Userswill take part in differentactivities, including cognitive stimulationtherapy, musictherapy, art therapy, emotion, cooking and wellbeinglaboratories.

  16. ThesewillbesupportedbyusingehcoBUTLERplatform and technology. Usingtablets and electronic devices, with both leisure and care apps,will help ourpatients, enhancingtheir cognitive, emotional and social functioning and theircaregivers

  17. CONCLUSIONS AIMA, with its political role, will focus more and more on the innovation and promotion of healthy policies, more than ever, attentive to the weakest people. Already in the past, we have been ,several times, active protagonists of planning policies, and although there is still much to do, we achieved a multitude of results. Among our main demands: personal services, criteria for quality of service, reward systems, and a funding system based on the verification of the quality of the offered services, the costumer’s satisfaction and benefits provided, care allowance.

  18. These are the keywordsalwayspursued in ourmodelAIMA…Amiamoci. Thank you for your attention CaterinaMusella Humanizing, Prevention and Protection of Health, Promotion of the Adequacy and Qualityof the Assistance... Sociologist President AIMA – Tel. 800098546 081/7400245