What s the deal with parents and siblings at orientation
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What’s the deal with Parents and siblings at orientation? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What’s the deal with Parents and siblings at orientation?. Steve Roche, Assistant Director of Orientation The University of Maryland (College Park, MD). What is the deal?. Welcome and Introductions Institutional Profile What’s so important about parents and siblings at orientation?

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What s the deal with parents and siblings at orientation

What’s the deal with Parents and siblings at orientation?

Steve Roche, Assistant Director of Orientation

The University of Maryland (College Park, MD)

What is the deal
What is the deal?

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Institutional Profile

  • What’s so important about parents and siblings at orientation?

  • Research and framework

  • Programming models/samples

  • Best practice sharing and discussion

  • Q and A

Who am i and who are you
Who am I and who are you?

  • Steve Roche/University of Maryland

    • Previously Director of Orientation at George Washington University

  • Introductions

    • What school/institution are you representing?

    • Do you offer any family or parent programs with orientation?

    • Do you run a summer or fall program?

Umd profile
UMD Profile

  • Freshman class of 3,975

  • 27,000 total undergraduate population

  • 42% acceptance rate

  • Suburban campus located 30 minutes outside DC in College Park

  • University Goals and Mission

    • Research

    • Diversity and Cultural Enrichment

    • Community Outreach

    • Global Community Engagement

    • Strong General Education

    • “Serving as a catalyst for economic development and a healthier society.”

Gw profile
GW Profile

  • Freshman class of 2,350 students

  • 10,000 total undergraduate population

  • 33% acceptance rate through 3 rounds of admission (ED 1, ED 2 and Regular Decision)

  • Urban campus located in the heart of Washington, DC

  • Students from all 50 states and over 130 countries

  • Academic mission and strategic planning

    • Globalization

    • Governance and policy

    • Innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration

    • Citizenship and leadership

    • Career Services

    • Diversity and Inclusion

    • Engaging the world from the nation’s capital

    • Research

    • Sustainability

    • Service and Veterans Issues

Orientation at maryland
Orientation at Maryland

  • Summer programs for domestic freshmen and transfer students and their families

    • Run every day from June 1st – August 3rd & last two weeks of August

    • 2-day freshmen student and parent/family programs

      • M/T or R/F

    • 1-day transfer student and parent/family programs

      • Wednesdays

    • 1 day freshmen/transfer student and parent/family “late” programs

Orientation at gw
Orientation at GW

  • Summer programs for domestic freshmen students and their families

    • Four 2.5 day sessions

    • Overnight for students and parents/family members

    • Siblings Program

  • Fall program for transfer, international and freshmen students and their families

    • 2.5 day session

    • Overnight for students and parents/families

    • No Siblings Program

Parents and siblings
Parents and Siblings

  • Why do you think it’s important to include parents and siblings?

  • Who is saying it is important to do programming for these students?

Theory and research
Theory and Research

  • “The overwhelming increase in parental involvement reported by today’s college administrators requires a careful understanding of today’s parents, their influence, and their expectations.” (Carney-Hall, 2008)

  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) 2007: parents who were more connected to their students and college environment actually aided their child’s success

  • Administrators, and staff, must “redefine their relationships in the midst of enormous shifts” to facilitators (Forbes, 2001)

Theory and research1
Theory and Research

  • Protecting students and educational need to know

    • FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

    • HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

    • FOIPP (Freedom of Information and Protection Act)

  • Understanding the lines of communication, methods of communication and expectations and culture of campus (Keppler, Mullendore, & Carey, 2005)

  • How does all of this fit into parents at orientation?

Orientation programming ward roof 2005
Orientation Programming (Ward-Roof, 2005)

  • Develop an awareness and understanding of both student and parent developmental needs

  • Enlist staff and faculty, and current students and parents, to help explain campus environment and how to succeed

  • Tap into those also experiencing transition on campus or have experienced it

  • Give them materials to take home

  • Survey and evaluation

But what about siblings
But what about siblings?

  • Transition of losing a brother or sister to “college” and not having them at home

  • What is “college” and where are they going?

  • Is “college” what you see on TV and in movies?

  • How will I know what they’re doing or where they’re going?

  • Am I supposed to just be at home while they go off to orientation?

  • Building strong connections with students and the campus so they understand and can connect with the transition themselves

Programming building blocks
Programming Building Blocks

  • Their own program and physical separation from their student’s experience

  • Connecting with current students

  • Connecting with staff and administrators, both formally and informally

  • Connecting with faculty and Deans and the academic experience

  • Breakout sessions and presentations to get the message across and get business done

  • Wine and dine!

Parents at maryland and gw
Parents at Maryland and GW

  • Publication and Website

  • Office of Parent and Family Affairs/Office of Parent Services

  • Maryland Day/April Visit Days

  • Orientation student staff

  • Meeting with staff and faculty

  • Constant Q and A opportunities

  • Making them aware of the correct point of contact

Colonial inauguration parents program
Colonial Inauguration Parents Program

  • Day 1 (Community Building/Connections)

    • CI Check-In and Office of Parent Services

    • Kickoff Session with President, Provost and Dean of Student Affairs

    • Parents are a Priority, Dining and Financial Sessions

    • Parent Skits/Reactions and Reflections

    • Inaugural Dinner

    • Small Groups

    • Desert Reception

Colonial inauguration parents program1
Colonial Inauguration Parents Program

  • Day 2 (Academic and Business Based)

  • Advising 101

  • Academic Briefing with Dean

  • GW 101 sessions

    • Housing

    • Safety

    • Rights and Responsibilities

    • Healthy Living

    • Safety

    • Student Engagement

  • GW Academic Experience

  • Dinner and a Show

  • Small Groups and Reception

Colonial inauguration parents program2
Colonial Inauguration Parents Program

  • Day 3 (Wrap Up)

    • Evaluation

    • GW Parents 101

    • University Services and Student Org Fair

    • Closing Session with Alumni Relations and Board of Trustees

Maryland parents program
Maryland Parents Program

  • Day 1 (Information and Networking)

    • Faculty Welcome

    • Academic Overview for General Education

    • College Transition/Office of Parent and Family Affairs

    • Residence Life and Campus Dining

    • Parent Small Groups

    • Safety

    • Counseling Center/Health Center

    • Bursar’s Office

    • Student Meet Up

Maryland parents program1
Maryland Parents Program

  • Day 2 (Networking and Community Building)

    • Terp Trips

      • Campus Platinum Tour

      • Washington, DC

      • Annapolis, MD

      • Golf Course

    • Small Group Interest Sessions

      • Parents of Minority Students

      • Parents Sending Their First Child to College

Maryland univ 100 course
Maryland UNIV 100 Course

  • UNIV 100 Mission

    • To assist students in their transition to UMCP.

    • To introduce students to the academic environment of UMCP.

    • To help students explore the world of higher education and clarify why they are in college and establish realistic goals for their collegiate experience.

    • To assist students with their identification with UMCP while learning about whom they are and how they fit into the university environment.

    • To help students learn about the vast number of resources available to them at UMCP.

    • To assist students in their skill development.

    • To assist students in their understanding of developmental patterns that will face them in their undergraduate career.

    • To develop an appreciation for the cultural diversity at UMCP.

  • UNIV Student Learning Outcomes

    • Students will discuss their personal and academic goals for their freshmen year at UMCP.

    • Students will demonstrate an understanding of cultural diversity.

    • Students will distinguish among campus resources that are beneficial to their transition.

Colonial inauguration siblings program
Colonial Inauguration Siblings Program

  • 15 student staff specifically for siblings programming

  • Acclimate them with campus, city and classroom

    • What makes GW special

    • What makes DC relatable

    • What is GW’s campus

  • Educational and fun/older and younger tracks

  • Show them where their brother or sister is going and why they’re excited to come here, and that they should be too

  • Recruitment piece

Colonial inauguration siblings program1
Colonial Inauguration Siblings Program

  • Day 1

    • Check-In

    • Kickoff Session with trivia and coloring

    • National Mall and Smithsonian Museums

      • Natural History and American History

    • Dinner on the town off-campus

    • Campus Shuffle competitive scavenger hunt

    • Magic Show

    • Swimming and games in athletics arena

Colonial inauguration siblings program2
Colonial Inauguration Siblings Program

  • Day 2

    • National Zoo

    • City Experiences

      • National Building Museum and Newseum

    • DC Tour

    • On-campus BBQ

    • Potomac River Cruise

    • Movie Night

  • Day 3

    • Games on campus quad, yearbooks and pictures

Benchmarking and best practices
Benchmarking and Best Practices

  • Parent skits and performances at Purdue University role model real-world college situations followed by breakout discussions and forums

  • Bradley University offers parents their own programming, complete with Reader’s Theatre, a collection of books, poems, stories and plays on letting go and transition for parents to college

  • University of Minnesota offers parents sessions based in conjunction with student learning and developmental outcomes to outline what parents should be learning along with students

Benchmarking and best practices1
Benchmarking and Best Practices

  • Steven F. Austin University in Texas takes parents on a city tour, takes them through campus traditions and connects them to service and the city through purchase of parent t-shirt supporting United Way

  • Boston University presents receptions and check-in for parents followed by days of sessions, including creating a meaningful curriculum and academic experience and making wise choices

  • Bama Bound Orientation at University of Alabama hosts high school siblings on a campus camp, athletics tour and career and college session to begin their college search process

Benchmarking and best practices2
Benchmarking and Best Practices

  • What types of programming do you feel are/have been important for parents?

  • What types of programming do you feel are/have been important for siblings?

  • Q and A


  • Carney-Hall, K.C. (Ed.). (2008). Managing parent partnerships: Maximizing influence, minimizing interference, and focusing on student success. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

  • Forbes, K.J. (2001). Students and their parents: Where do campuses fit in? About Campus, 6(4), 11-17

  • Keppler, K., Mullendore, R.H. & Carey, A. (2005). Preface. In K Keppler, R.H. Mullendore, & A. Carey (Eds.), Partnering with the parents of today’s college students (pp. xi-xiii). Washington, DC: National Association of College Personnel Administrators.

  • Ward-Roof, J.A. (2005). Parents orientation: Begin with the end in mind. . In K Keppler, R.H. Mullendore, & A. Carey (Eds.), Partnering with the parents of today’s college students (pp. 29-33). Washington, DC: National Association of College Personnel Administrators.

Contact information
Contact Information

  • Steve Roche

    • Assistant Director of Orientation

    • Direct: 301-314-8212

    • [email protected]

    • 1102 Cole Student Activity Building College Park, MD 20742

    • orientation.umd.edu

    • ci.gwu.edu/Direct: 202-994-GWCI (4924)

    • Student, Parent and Siblings Schedules available by request via email