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The Passion of the Christ PowerPoint Presentation
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The Passion of the Christ

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The Passion of the Christ
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The Passion of the Christ

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  1. The Passion of the Christ Death and Resurrection

  2. What is the Passion of Christ • Passion: "extreme, compelling emotion or intense emotional drive." • This represents Jesus’ intense love for mankind. • Resulting in his extreme commitment to being a representative of God’s will on earth. • His emotional drive and dedication to led him to endure extreme suffering For the sake of restoring humans to fellowship with God. • He embraced death to accomplish redemption for the human race through a blood sacrifice. The representation of a “life for a life”

  3. Death & Resurrection • The Last Supper: • Jesus shares the Passover meal with his twelve apostles. During this last supper Jesus reveals that he will soon die, and that one of them will betray him (Judas) and another will deny him (Peter). • It is at this meal that Jesus reminds them of there promise to spread his word. • Later, that evening, while praying in the garden of Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus is arrested. • Jesus is condemned by the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate , who is pressured by the Jewish politicians. • Jesus is sentence to Crucifixion – A cruel and inhumane form of capital punishment, which results in the accused being nailed to a cross.

  4. Death & Resurrection • The Road to Mt. Calgary: • Jesus is forced to carry the Cross • Mary (his mother,), Mary Magdalene, and other female disciples follow • Jesus dies in on the cross • Christians believe that Jesus died to bring about forgiveness of sins and renew the promise of eternal life after death. • Jesus’ body was placed in a tomb . Three days later he arose from the dead and appears 1st to Mary Magdalene • This is the Resurrection of Christ - The most Holy of Christian days is Easter Sunday. This celebrates Jesus’ rebirth and the triumph over sin and death

  5. Ascension of Jesus • Jesus appears to several of his disciples during his resurrection. • Jesus Ascends into heaven (Body & Spirit) • The Pentecost: 50 days after Easter. It is believed that the Holy Spirit empowered the apostles with spiritual gifts and abilities, including the ability to speak several languages. This would allow them to spread Jesus’ word.

  6. The Passion of the Christ:Love & Sacrifice

  7. Should the Passion be celebrated in a theme park? Bill Mayer Goes to the Holy land The Holy Land Experience -