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Himalayan Rock Salt

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Himalayan Rock Salt

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  1. Himalayan Rock Salt Himalayan Rock Salt Himalayan Salt is well known for its striking pink color due to the presence of minerals like magnesium and iodine.Himalayan Rock Salt is a rock salt or Halite from the Punjab region of Pakistan. Rock Salt is unrefined and hand mined from caves in northern Pakistan.This rock salt has matured over intense tectonic pressure in a toxin-free environment without any impurities.Himalayan Rock Salt is popular in Ayurvedic, Tibetian, and other traditions as well. Himalayan Rock Salt offers various health benefits : 1.Promoting stable ph balance 2.Encouraging healthy blood sugar levels 3.Aiding vascular health

  2. 4.Reducing appearance of Aging 5.Promoting Sinus Health 6.Promoting healthy sleep patterns 7.Detoxifies the body of heavy metals 8.Strengthens Bones 9.Increases Hydration 10.Prevents muscular cramps Table Salt which we commonly use is processed with questionable amounts of chemicals and dried at very high temperatures which disrupt its chemical composition.The body does not dispose of the table salt in the natural way which can lead to tissue irritation, water retention and also high blood pressure .Controlling your sodium intake can have a huge impact on your health and well being. As a natural Salt, Himalayan Rock Salt is just right in sodium content which is essential for your body to function properly.Himalayan Salt can be processed as large blocks such as for cooking slabs or making rock salt lamps or it can be crushed to medium or small pieces. It can be used as a regular salt for cooking, because of its mineral content.Himalayan Rock Salt can also be used in brine therapy to regulate blood circulation and pressure as well as treat skin disorders, restore acid-base balance. As a natural source of sodium, Himalayan Rock Salt provides an essential source for a healthy functioning of our body. Salt can be a healthy addition to your diet.It will make your meals tastier and healthier while giving a boost of key nutrients and highly desirable health benefits.Himalayan Rock Salt should definitely be one of the top choices for both culinary and therapeutic uses.Have you tried it yet?Make a switch from your current salt to Himalayan Salt for a healthy living.A healthier choice than the regular table salt, Himalayan salt is actually one of the best natural healers. It is available in different grain sizes so you need to choose according to your culinary needs. I really hope you will love it! “The Salt is to the food, what soul is to the body” http://www.royalrocksalt.co.in/

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