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Liesel Achievement. Felix Lacouture English Honors 03/13/13. Married. Liesel will married to Max when she find out that he is still alive. They will leave Germany and they will go live in Lasi, Romania. Language.

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liesel achievement

Liesel Achievement

Felix Lacouture

English Honors


  • Liesel will married to Max when she find out that he is still alive. They will leave Germany and they will go live in Lasi, Romania.
  • Liesel will learn how to speak the Romanian language which is ‘Romanian’. It was very hard to learn the language but she encourage herself in order to become successful in her life. She learn it for three years.
  • Liesel will go to AlexandruIoanCuza University. It is located in lasi, Romania. She want to become an Romanian teacher. She want to become a literature teacher because she likes to read to children. That’s her favorite thing to do.
  • Liesel will work at a school call Bihor County. She will teach in the 3rd grade. She will feel happy in her new school because the students are adorable and they like to listen to stories.
  • Liesel will give birth to three children. All three were three years apart. She gave birth to two girls and a boy. She call one of her daughter Yolinda and the other one Rose. She call the boy Hansito.
  • Liesel will create a library at her house. She wants all of her kids to like to read books. She always tell them that without books, she wouldn’t be here. Also she like to tell her kids that education is the key for success.
a new book
A New Book
  • After Liesel retired from her job, she started to edit the book that he wrote and add more things into it. After, she publish it around the world in order to show people how hard it was to live as a Jew. One thing that she hope to happen is that she hope that her children read the book before she die.
  • My events stay true to Liesel’s character and zusak’s message because in the book, the overall message of Zusak is that words have a lot of power. Words can get you anywhere. My events stay true to Liesel’s character because Liesel likes to read. That’s why I say that she is going to become a literature teacher.