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Welcome Back!

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Welcome Back!
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Welcome Back!

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  1. Welcome Back! Mrs. Conyers-CHS-2013-2014

  2. My Schedule

  3. About Mrs. Conyers • I have lived in Callisburg for 26 years • My sons are both graduates of CHS • My husband teaches Physics and Debate • I have taught in CISD for almost 20 years • AND • I have the cutest grandson in the world! His name is: Harlan

  4. Policies and Procedures • Please refer to the green handout • Discipline procedures • Grades • Tutorials

  5. Cell Phones • I love technology! I have a smart phone, tablet, laptop and other devices. • I encourage you to learn to use technology effectively and we will use it a myriad of ways in my classroom BUT….. When you come into my room...Silence your device, place it in the pockets on the cabinet and leave it there until I give you permission to retrieve it. Failure to follow this rule is the loss of your phone!

  6. What do you need for this class? Everyone needs: Composition Book-(Not a spiral!) Pen/Pencil

  7. Classroom Supplies If you can bring the supplies assigned to your class period then you get a free 100 and we all have nice supplies to use this year! 1st Period: Map Pencils 2nd Period: Markers 3rd Period: Glue Sticks 4th Period: Construction Paper 5th Period: Map Pencils 7th Period: Kleenex 8th Period: Any of the Above

  8. Daily Warm Ups Every day you will have a warm up activity on the screen when you enter class. Please follow these steps: 1. Get out your composition book 2. Date your entry (you may have multiple entries on the same page.) 3. Begin writing/answering the question Warm-Up grades are based on that you followed procedure and attempted to write...not how well you write! It’s an easy 100 for you if you will just try!

  9. English 4 What do we study in this class? British Literature We study the way the English language has changed beginning with the Anglo-Saxons and Beowulf! The first six weeks I attempt to get us through: • Beowulf • Canterbury Tales • Medieval Poetry and Literature

  10. Vocabulary Yes, we still do vocabulary...but I am really mean and we have 20 words per unit. However those units usually take us 2 weeks! I don’t always give a pen and paper quiz on vocabulary...wait and see!

  11. Communication Applications We learn the process of communication and the traits that make a good communicator. This is a performance class...if that terrifies you then please get your schedule changed. You will begin giving “speeches” right away but these are informal and should be easy for you! We study the different types of speeches and you will learn to research, write and present your topic with ease and confidence.

  12. Your First Speech is All About You! Cube It! is an activity that shares all about you. Follow the instructions on the handout and begin creating your cube. You may use the scissors, markers and glue found in the cart at the back of the room. I will give you class today and tomorrow to complete them and we will begin presenting on Wednesday (maybe!)

  13. UIL-Prose and Poetry This is a performance class! If you don’t plan on competing in meets...please get your schedule changed! Each six weeks your grade is determined by: Class participation Daily Warm Ups Progress in selecting pieces for performance Points awarded from Meets...placing, dress code, attendance, prep time...etc

  14. Your first assignment “Metaphor Me” is an activity that helps me and the rest of your class get to know you. Fill in the metaphors on the page based on your personality. Choose your favorite and create a poster and be ready to share why this metaphor describes you best!