Uint 4 88 where s my backpack
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UINT 4 88 Where's my backpack?. 七年级上册 姓名:田冰 学号:090714017 班级:英语本教四班. Student analysis: Many junior school students are the only child in their own

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Uint 4 88 where s my backpack

UINT 488 Where's my backpack?





Student analysis:

Many junior school students are the only child in their own

family.Because their parents do everything for them ,so they often could't find their own things if their parents aren't with them. The lesson will make them pay more attention on the order of their own things.

Content analysis:

The topic of this uint is where things are .This class is the first class in

this unit-reading.It mainly tell us how to ask and answer "where things are" ,and arous them to keep their things order.

Key points:

To know the basic sentences.

To use it in the daliy life.

Difficult points:

To use the right form to express it.

New Words:

1.where 2.table 3.bed

4. game 5.chair 6.drawer

7.under 8.on 9.take

10.bring 11.book 12.desk

13. computer 14.baseball 15.backpack


1.Where's the baseball?

It's in the backpack.

2.Where's my computer game?

It's under the bed.

3.Where are your books?

They're on the desk.


Knowledge and skills:

1. To be able to use the new words,phrase and sentence patterns learnde in this class.

2.To apply it into the real conversations.