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Sartorius DocuClip & DocuMeter pH

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Sartorius DocuClip & DocuMeter pH - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sartorius DocuClip & DocuMeter pH. The new standard for reliability in electrochemical analysis. Transmission of measuring signal. Display of cal- culated pH value. pH measurement: Generating and documenting data. Origin of measuring signal. Evaluation of signals. pH meter.

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Sartorius DocuClip & DocuMeterpH

The new standard for reliability in electrochemical analysis

Transmission of measuring signal

Display of cal-culated pH value

pH measurement: Generating and documenting data

Origin of measuring signal

Evaluation of signals

pH meter

pH electrodes 1, 2, 3, ...

The way how to evaluate the signal is called calibration or standardization

This procedure is stored in the meter and will be used with all other electrodes until a new calibration has been taken

pH measurement: gaps in documentation

Examples of GLP-compliant documentation today



Std. data

13-12-2004 13:48:31

Model PP-25

Serial No. 12143916


Channel A:

pH mode

Std interval off

4.01 pH

13-12-2004 13:48:31

98.79% (58.45 mV/pH)

7.00 pH

13-12-2004 13:47:09

Standardization ok.


Documentation of equipment

: meter model: meter serial number,

: meter software version

: date / time of standardization and measurements


What about the electrode?

No documentation : of electrode serial number

: that calibration base and measured value have been evaluated with the identical electrode

Transmission of raw measuring signal

Display of cal-culated pH value

Sending this information back to the meter …

along with ID information

Sending back the information how to evaluate the raw signal

What is needed to complete the documentation of a pH system?

Origin of measuring signal

Evaluation of signals

Storing this specific infor-mation in the individual electrode and

pH meter

The expected solution: An electrode with built-in memory


— An electrode with built-in memory chip needs a special data cable and a special plug and socket

— Standard electrodes cannot be used with such a pH meter

— There is no flexibility in choice of electrode manufacturer or type

— For new electrode types new SOPs or even new validations are needed

— Higher electrode costs

The new Sartorius approach

A memory attached to the electrode cable


— Memory physically fixed at the cable

— Non detachable

— Stores calibration data, serial no., calibration history

— Makes any electrode smart

— Belonging DocuMeter also works with common electrodes

Documeter and Docuclip: gaps in documentation closed

GLP-compliant documentation

Documentation now includes

: model and serial number of electrodes

: nominal buffer values

: raw signal of standardization (mV)

: initial standardization

: standardization history

: relation of measured values to the underlying standardization

pH measurement: gaps in documentation closed

Examples of GLP-compliant documentation today

Documentation of equipment and electrodeincluding

: model ID and serial number

: date and time of standardi- zation and measurement

: measured value is related to the underlying standardization data

DocuMeter & DocuClipDocuClip initially calibrated at the manfacturer‘s site

DocuMeterpH and PY-P…doc

Automatic electrode recognition incl. type, order no. and serial number as well as the device used for the initial calibration

Measuring results are based on data transferred from the Clip

Disconnecting the DocuClip causes the meter to calculate the pH based on theoretical Nernst factor (59,16 mV/DpH at 25°C)

DocuMeter & DocuClipDocuClip using any elctrode

DocuMeterpH and blank DocuClip

Recognition of the DocuClip and its status

Automatically starting the initializing routine

Storing identification data and initial calibration data as „Initial Calibration“ for the whole life cycle of the electrode

Storage of four additional calibration data sets in the DocuClip

Any further calibration overwrites the oldest data set

Initial Calibration

Electrode No.


1 3 5 7 9 1

For cross-reference necessary:




Entry in a lab journal

… results in gap-less tracebility!

DocuMeter & DocuClipDocuClip using any elctrode

6 digits can be stored in a blank DocuClip

DocuClip electrode no. 135791


pH electrode … (original serial no.) / … (manufacturer) / … (model or order no.)