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IT Management made simple WhatsUp Gold product suite PowerPoint Presentation
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IT Management made simple WhatsUp Gold product suite

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IT Management made simple WhatsUp Gold product suite - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IT Management made simple WhatsUp Gold product suite. September 2011. Ing . Paolo Ferrari International Solution Sales Engineer Yannick Hello Sales Manager EMEA Agenda. Introduction Ipswitch, Inc. The Network Management Division

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IT Management made simple WhatsUp Gold product suite

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    1. IT Management made simple WhatsUp Gold product suite September 2011 Ing. Paolo Ferrari International Solution Sales Engineer Yannick Hello Sales Manager EMEA

    2. Agenda • Introduction • Ipswitch, Inc. • The Network Management Division • Innovation through Customer and Market Focus • WhatsUp Gold • WhatsUp Gold Plug-ins • WhatsUp Gold Log Management Suite • Partners & Community • Q&A

    3. About Ipswitch • Develops easy to use software for: • Network Management • Secure File Transfer • Messaging & Collaboration • 100 Million users in over 60 countries • Private U.S. company • Founded in 1991 by Roger Greene • Profitable since 1991 • 275 employees worldwide • One of a few, non-Venture Capital funded software companies • Donated over $2M to children’s charities

    4. Network Management Division • 20 years of operation • 100,000+ networks monitored • 10 million+ devices monitored • 468% growth in International markets 2006-2010 • Headquartered in Lexington, MA • Offices in Atlanta, GA: Salt Lake City, UT; • International presence: UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Japan • 100+ employees with over half in R&D • Setting the pace of innovation in the industry segment Growing at 40% CAGR over the last 4 years

    5. Management Innovation:Goal & Focus • Our goal: Develop easy to use, economically accessible and comprehensive IT Management software • Easy to use • Download, installation and configuration are really intuitive • Complete monitoring deployment in less than 1 hour • Accessible • Unbeatable Quality/Price ratio • Licensing model based on devices number (and NOT on monitors number), with unlimited monitors per device • Requires little time, costs and work in order to be deployed and maintained • Comprehensive • A single platform for the monitoring of whatever device and technology: network devices and servers, centralized or distributed, physical and/or virtualized devices, traffic analysis on whatever network infrastructure, etc. • Total Customer focus: On-going customer insights researches, technical previews, new features/products roadmap voting surveys, WUG community members surveys

    6. Go To Market Innovation: High Velocity Execution Mar 2010: VMWare Virtualization Management with WhatsVirtual 1.0 Jul 2009 : Flow Monitor augmented to support additional flow formats Blue is “New” Red is “Ahead” 2006 : Comprehensive Windows management with WMI Oct 2009: Change and Configuration Mgt with WhatsConfigured 1.0 Q2 2011: WUG 15.0, Flow 4, WV 2, Configured 3, WULM 10 Dec 2008 : Layer 2 Discovery with WhatsConnected 1.0 Nov 2010: Event Log Management Suite 9.0 2003 : Enhanced event management with SNMP v1 Dec 2009: Non Flow Record Traffic with Flow Publisher 1.0 2010 2008 2006 Jun 2008: VoIP 1.0 Jun 2010: ETK 1.0 1991 : Simple, up / down management using Ping Oct 2008 : Application Traffic Visibility with Flow Monitor 1.0 Jan 2011: WhatsConnected 3.0, WUG 14.4 Jul 2009: New Alert Center in WUG v 14 Mar 2010: High Availability with WUG Failover 2006 : Performance management with SNMP across networks and systems Feb 2009 : Mobile access to critical reports 6

    7. 2011 Roadmap Drivers

    8. Roadmap Areas of interest: • Complete systems mgt  (applications, systems, web based apps) • IP Address Management • WUG scalability • Log management • Continued investment in other areas as driven by our customers, the market and opportunity • 9 languages (incl. German and French) coming this year

    9. Solutions for Any Sized Network 1,000+ WhatsUp Gold Distributed 500 Number of Devices Monitored WhatsUp Gold Premium (Systems & Applications) 300 100 WhatsUp Gold Standard 25 Entry-Level Network Monitoring SMB to Large Business Networks Larger Distributed Business Networks

    10. WhatsUp Gold Customers

    11. WhatsUp Gold DifferentiatorsIT Management Made Simple • Rapid time to value, deploys in a matter of minutes versus days or weeks • No planning required • Frees up IT personnel time that can be used for critical tasks • Extensible architecture and complete solution • Organizations can buy the right components to support their business goals • No need to re-install or install anything new- functionality is controlled by licensing • ONE pane of glass, ONE Alert Center, ONE integrated discovery • Track and resolve problems anywhere in your infrastructure • Web and Mobile Access for flexible monitoring on the go • Balance better your personal life and career • Flexible licensing model • Devices based – simple, no hidden tech support costs • 20 years of experience, proven products & competitive pricing

    12. WhatsUp GoldExtensible Architecture with plug-ins WhatsVirtual: Virtual Server Management Dynamically manage VMware servers and Virtual Machines from a single interface Flow Monitor & Publisher: Network Traffic Analysis Manage, visualize and alert on bandwidth utilization: hosts, applications, conversations, etc. WhatsConfigured: Change & Config. Management Automate change and configuration management of network devices Failover Manager with bi-directional High Availability VoIP Monitor: Network Perf. Measurement Assure the network supports IP Telephony and provides the expected voice call quality WhatsConnected: Layer 2/3 Discovery & Mapping Discover, map and inventory hardware and software assets and their connections WhatsUp Gold: Application, Fault and Performance Monitoring Core Products Standard Premium Distributed/MSP Plug-ins ship with core platform - Activated via license keys

    13. WhatsUp Log Management SuiteEvent/Syslog Management for Security & Compliance • Automatically collect, store and archive logs to reduce costs and comply with multi-year data storage regulations • Receive real-time alerts to protect key information and ensure rapid response processes to a security threat • Analyze and discover potential security incidents during routine review • Custom reports for IT personnel, compliance officers and even law enforcement agencies

    14. WhatsUp GoldFoundation Platform COREPRODUCT IT Management Platform: WhatsUp Gold Standard: Entry level management Premium: Adds system and application management Distributed: For larger customers with multiple locations MSP: For VARs and Managed Service Providers

    15. Discover - Map - Monitor - Alert - Report Core Product - WhatsUp Gold Discovery Mapping Monitoring Real-time monitoring Reporting Alerting

    16. Discovery and Topological Mapping • Intelligent Network Discovery (layer 3), based on roles, assigned to the devices based on collected attributes • Automatic configuration of active, passive, performance monitors and Alerts based on assigned role • Roles and their monitoring profiles can be easily customized

    17. Advanced Monitoring Proactive Monitoring of network infrastructure and servers • Preconfigured Monitors • Cover all of the most common devices, systems and applications: from hardware (fan, power supply, temperature), to processes and services • Use SNMP, WMI, SSH, syslog, active script • Easy import of proprietary MIBs • Active Monitors • Synthetic transaction generation to check application integrity and performance (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP...) • Specific detailed monitors for MS Exchange 2007/2010, SQL, MySQL, Mail Servers, APC UPS, etc.

    18. Alerting Centralized alerting configuration and reporting • Many notification types: mail, SMS, text file log, syslog, script, program, service restart, etc. • Alerts are based on check of whatever status or performance parameter or threshold • Alert on Trap, syslog or Windows Event • Notification Escalation policy can be easily created and customized • With FlowMonitor, alerts on traffic details are available • No false alarms, thanks to intra and inter device dependencies

    19. Flexible Reporting • More than 200 preconfigured reports on network, application, system and hardware monitoring • Customizable Dashboards • Historic and real-time • Top N reports • Mobile access from PDAs with more than 35 performance and status reports

    20. Distributed Edition • Network management, in real time, on many geographically distributed sites • Highly efficient distributed architecture, since monitoring activities and load (in terms of management traffic and collected data processing) are locally and independently carried out at each remote site, reducing central site overhead • Visualization of the state of each remote site from the central NOC • Highly scalable (easy addition of new remote sites) • Secure encrypted communications between each remote site and the central one

    21. WhatsUp Gold WhatsVirtual Virtual Server Management • Discover and map VMware ESX/ESXi hosts and associated guest systems. Understand virtual resources to physical server mapping to increase operation efficiency • Monitor and Report on accurate Servers’ and VMs’ utilization and resource consumption metrics • Use the VMware API to ensure optimal performance • Get alerted in real-time when utilization on hosts or VMs breach thresholds or in case of events(vMotion, High Availability…) • Actively control virtual machines ad-hoc or on a scheduled basis using VMware tools (start, stop, suspend, reset…) from the same console • Manage physical & server resources from a single console to quickly identify the root cause of a problem anywhere in your network

    22. WhatsVirtual v15: What’s New • FIPS 140-2 Validation and encryption • ESX(i) v4.1 support • VMware API performance enhancements • Discovery/polling is always running • Data is pulled from most recent poll (cached) • Updated dashboard elements & reports • Supercharged performance for virtual workspace reports • Faster and more accurate discovery for VMs, clusters and virtual resources • WhatsVirtual Dynamic LiveMaps • Auto-refreshing virtualization maps (available in console only)

    23. WhatsUp Gold Flow MonitorNetwork Traffic Monitoring & Analysis • Determine exactly which users, applications or hosts are consuming network bandwidth • Track and resolve network traffic or congestion problems • Ensure critical business applications get the bandwidth/QoS they need • Measure and Report on bandwidth usage • Verify ISP providers billing • Plan for spikes in usage to avoid dropped packages or delays • Secure your network • Identify the introduction of viruses and worms • Detect DOS attacks and other rogue activity directed at your network

    24. WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor Capabilities • NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow and IPFIX support • Extensive support for switches and routers from Cisco, Juniper, Foundry, Extreme, Enterasys, Packeteer, 3Com and others • Comprehensive reports • Top protocols, applications, conversations, senders, receivers, conversation partners, failed connections, domain, country, NBAR reports, CBQoS reports… • Traffic throughput and usage % information • 95th Percentile Reporting in Flow Monitor interfaces • NSEL (NetFlow Security Event Logging) Support • Cisco’s ASA software v8.2 implementation of NetFlow • Configuration & mgmt • Role-based access to reports • Configuration and management of flow data retention policies • Real-time Threshold Based Alerting • Quickly detect, troubleshoot and resolve traffic bottlenecks and malicious network behavior.

    25. Flow Monitor v15: What’s New • Auto-Tuning & Optimization Capabilities – up to 3 Mflows per minute! • Configure and control what data to collect, store and report on • Flow Aggregation Capabilities • Create one report group based on multiple flow interfaces • Understand your organization’s entire bandwidth usage, even across multiple uplinks and locations, in a single view • Network Monitoring aligned to your business requirements • NEW port assignments to applications (Cisco, Avaya IP telephony & Cisco Business Video Solutions) • Export all unclassified traffic records to a file for later analysis • Customizable data collection for one or multiple ports • Flow Configuration Wizard • Auto-discovery & configuration of your Cisco NetFlow MIB supported enabled devices with just a few clicks • Ultra-Flexible Reporting • Visualize information the way you need to (e.g. relative or absolute bandwidth utilization, Flows, Packets or bytes, filters by CIDR subnet …) • NEW Host Traffic reports • FIPS 140-2 Validation • Receiver can listen on multiple ports • Application definition improvements • Classify by port ranges or by port & IP • Export unclassified traffic (for external analysis) • NetFlow v7 support

    26. WhatsUp Gold Flow PublisherExtends Traffic Monitoring into Non Flow-enabled Devices • Capture raw network traffic and convert it into standard NetFlow records • Lightweight agent/collector architecture • Agent captures traffic from mirrored switch ports, network TAPs (Test Access Point) or Windows servers • Collector aggregates traffic information across all agents • Relies on WUG Flow Monitor for advanced reporting & alerting • Seamless integration and equal visibility across native & non-native NetFlow records • Access to over 40 flow management reports via WUG web and mobile access • Flexible and cheap model: doesn’t require network upgrades, downtimes or expensive RMON probes or packet analysis solutions

    27. WhatsUp Gold WhatsConfiguredNetwork Configuration & Change Management • Automate configuration and change management tasks to eliminate human error • Schedule and execute configuration changes for individual or groups of network devices to save time • Secure File Storage • Support for SSH, Telnet and TFTP • Extensive device support: Cisco, Juniper, HP, Foundry, Dell, … • Enforce reliable policy monitoring to ensure compliance with internal standards or federal regulations • Alert on configuration changes or policy failures and restore a known good configuration as required to minimize downtime • Compare stored configuration files to reduce troubleshooting efforts • Maintain audit trails of all configuration changes to ensure accountability and traceability Ensure that all network device configurations are accurate and not contributing to network problems

    28. WhatsConfigured 3.0 : What’s New WhatsConfigured Standalone Standalone purchase Massive changes to user experience and usability Launched at CiscoLive – July 11, 2011 Expanded Vendor Support, new scripts and templates Firmware Push Scripts for Cisco, HP and Juniper Configuration Update based on templates Enhanced Script Debugger / Editor Enhanced TFTP Integration / Viewer Reporting for better visibility and accountability Enhanced Configuration Reports CDP / EDP / LLDP, STP, ARP Cache Layer 2 Forwarding Tables

    29. WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor Know Your Network Quality IP Wide Area Network VoIP Enabled Router H.323 or SIP Signaling VoIP Server Firewall • Based on Cisco IP SLA technology • Performance monitoring based on Jitter, Latency, Packet Loss, ICPIF (Calculated Planning Impairment Factor) andMOS (Mean Opinion Score) • Constant monitoring and alerting on quality loss (MOS) • Detailed trend analysis and hystoric review

    30. WhatsUp Gold WhatsConnected • Allows to automatically discover, map, inventory and document entire infrastructure and port-to-port connectivity quickly and efficiently • Finds everything connected to a network to build a complete and accurate picture of network devices, systems & their interconnections • Hardware and software assets & port-to-port connectivity • Track configurations and software being run • Layer 2/3 discovery: ARP, SNMP, SSH, ICMP, Virtual Infrastructure Management, IP addressing, LLDP in combination with vendor proprietary mechanisms • Inventory & configuration discovery: SNMP, SSH, WMI and Telnet • Natively supports Cisco/Linksys, Foundry, Juniper, Nortel, 3Com, Extreme, Dell, Alcatel, DLink, SMC and other devices • Integrates with WUG (and Visio) and allows the export of topology map with automatic monitors and dependencies Stay in continuous control of network topology and HW/SW asset information as your network grows or evolves

    31. WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager • High Availability Assurance • Automatic failover capability ensures that a secondary system is always ready to take over if the Primary WhatsUp Gold system in impaired • Minimized risk of “dark periods” • Protects business operations at all times by maintaining infrastructure visibility even when the primary monitoring system is down • Maintains integrity of SLA reporting through continuous visibility of monitored infrastructure and services • Efficient and highly productive operation • Automation and intelligence ensures that failover can be executed without human intervention

    32. WUG Log Management Suite 4 products are part of the WhatsUp Log Management Suite: Automatically collect and store log files for compliance, auditing & forensics. Monitor Windows event and Syslog data and notify in real-time. Filter , analyze and report on log data and trends --automatically or ad hoc. View and mine log data for on-the-fly forensics.

    33. WhatsUp Event Archiver • Automatically collects and stores log files for compliance reporting and forensics • Eliminates the process of manually “clearing” and moving log files • Automatically archives log files and backup to comply with regulatory requirements • Flexible Remote and/or Agent-BasedCollection of Log Data • Automatic Database Maintenance • Multi-year data storage in compliancewith regulatory requirements • Protects from tampering via cryptographic hashing

    34. WhatsUp Event Alarm • Monitor Windows Events & Syslogs and notify in real-time • Compatibility with Both EVT and EVTX Windows Event Logs • Dual Modes of Remote and Agent-Based Monitoring • Customizable notifications • 100+ predefined alarms • Recommendations on commonly audited event types (e.g. new user additions, login failures, etc) • Drag-drop configuration of alarms and notifications

    35. WhatsUp Event Analyst Reports & Administration • Out-of-the-box reports, indexed by compliance regulations • Robust Syslog reporting: • Pre-built Cisco IOS and Linux/Unix • Ready to run and custom reports for IT personnel, compliance officers and law enforcement agencies Correlation & Analysis • Advanced filtering (with 100+ predefined filters) • “Windowing” technology to view and correlate events from different sources • Consolidated reports & trend analysis across systems 35

    36. WhatsUp Event Rover • Simplified mining of log data using custom grouping (tree-views) and quick filters • Define and save incidents to quickly identify event patterns and security incidents • Export of event data log • Maintains log file integrity during review • EVT/ETVX log handling capabilities 36

    37. WhatsUp Log Management v10 • Improved integration with WhatsUp Gold to manage availability, performance and log information from one single pane of glass • Seamless Syslog support • New pre-built compliance-centric reports - taxonomy classifications for key compliance requirements are pre-packaged now (Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, MiFID, Gramm-Leach Bliley, and CISCO IOS) • NEW add-on resources to simplify log management tasks • AuditingVolume Analyzer – Determine the growth rate of log files and predict storage requirements for retention periods. • Import tool – Easily consolidate log files from disparate systems across WAN links. • W3C/IIS Log Support - common logfile format for Web Servers and other network application platforms (Proxies, Firewalls, Load Balancers, Content Security Devices, WAN Acceleration Gateways)

    38. WhatsUp Gold v15 ELM Workspace Reports • New Workspace reports may be added to any home workspace for visibility into Event Log management data base • Workspace reports drill down to specific events from database • New Reports: Critical/Warning/Informational Event Alarms, Failure Audits by User/Computer, and Summary Counts • New Utility to prepare ELM Database for WhatsUp Gold integration

    39. WhatsUp Log Management Summary Modular solution, easy to configure and use • Automatically collect, store and archive log files to simplify IT management and reduce costs • Receive real-time alerts to protect key information and ensure rapid response processes to a security threat • Discover potential security incidents during routine review • Custom reports for IT personnel, compliance officers and even law enforcement agencies • On-the-fly forensics, comprehensive analysis and reports

    40. Demo

    41. Partner & Community Distinct Partner Advantages • Deal Registration • Available in Select Geographic regions • Distributors can review approved deals • NEW Partner Portal updated sales & marketing tools: • Competitive Information • Videos • Collateral • White Papers • Customizable Email Templates & banners • Online Technical and Sales Certification Programs Apply to become a Partner or register for access to the Partner Portal today!

    42. WUGspace: Sales Enablement ToolSee how other network mgrs are using WUG WUGspace interviews With WUG customers Favorite real-life WUG screenshots posted 2 Slideshow view! 1

    43. Q&A Yannick Hello – Sales Manager EMEA Paolo Ferrari – International Solution Sales Engineer Thank You!