Erp project update september 2013
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ERP Project Update September 2013. 3. Operational training done (week 4 Sep). 4. SOP Modeling completed (week 1 Oct). 5. Gap Anls & Custm completed (week 3 oct). 1. Basic Data prep done (week 2 Oct ). 3. Data migration completed (week 4 Dec ). 2. Online Simylation done (week 4 Nov).

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Erp project update september 2013

ERP Project UpdateSeptember 2013

3. Operational training done (week 4 Sep)

4. SOP Modeling completed (week 1 Oct)

5. Gap Anls & Custm completed (week 3 oct)

1. Basic Data prep done (week 2 Oct)

3. Data migration completed (week 4 Dec)

2. Online Simylation done (week 4 Nov)

1. S&D completed (week 2 July)

2. Application training done (week 2 August)

ERP Project Milestone















  • Signing contract

  • Hardware purchase

  • System Instalation

  • Form Project Team

  • Kick Off

23 May, Contract Signing

Phase 1 - Project Implementation6 months

Finance & Acc; Supply Chain, Sales, Manufacturing, HRM

Phase 2 - Project Implementation6 months

GPS/PLC Integration; B2B; BI, Easyflow and other customized programs

1 July, Kick Off


Do / Implementing

1. Survey & Diagnosis

2. Application Training

3. Operation Training

4. S.O.P. Modeling

5. Gap Analysis & Customization

6. HRM Application Training /Gap Analysis



6. HRM Training & Gap Analysis completed (week 5 oct)


  • Basic Data Preparation

  • Process Online Simulation

  • Balance of data migration


  • System Go-live

  • Monthly Review Meeting

  • Setlement of account

  • Go-live support

Phase 1 Go Live

Phase 2



Progress achievement
Progress Achievement

  • ERP Application Training & Gap analysis have been done for all company in Indonesia and Vietnam, in early of September will continued for Singapore Company.

  • TIPTOP application system discussion was done and first draft of SOP Business Process Flow have been developed and delivered total 113 SOP with consist of

    • Production modules = 7 SOP

    • Sales & Distribution = 17 SOP

    • Equipment Mgt = 9 SOP

    • Purchasing = 10 SOP

    • Inventory = 14 SOP

    • A/P = 19 SOP

    • A/R = 10 SOP

    • F/A = 9 SOP

    • G/L = 6 SOP

    • Notes Mgt = 12 SOP

      Basically almost of all SOP is cover two Site (IDN, CFC) business process with some specific requirements in each company, except HRM & Sales & Distribution process that different due to different country and market situation .

  • Some of customization specification in Finance Modules already approved such as print commercial invoice, tax invoice, credit note.

Key issues action plan
Key Issues & Action Plan

  • The gap is too big between TIPTOP System and To-Be process for some modules, so it will be require a lot customization on the TIP TOP System and spend more time.


    • Digiwin will prepare list of customization for prioritization and submitted to us for review and approval

    • Request to Digiwin to provide more resources to ensure the timely completion.

  • Shareholder consolidation structure


    - Consolidation report only for major share (>50%)

  • In CFC’s now have more than 1700 reports, frequent used maybe over 1000, this amount is very big to customize. In Indonesia we have approx 100 reports and some of them can use TIPTOP Standard Report (not including customized report for Management Purposes).


    - Digiwin propose: In the operation training period, Consultant will discuss with user department and propose the most urgent case for Go-live and some report need MIS support to review/revise it then can handover to TIPTOP.

    - It will collect all of report and review with user to standardized (IDN)

  • Unify Item coding principles, currently there are two option for item code principles


    - The new propose item code still under discussion to finalized

  • Gap Analysis now just discussed highest priority part, not finish all customize detail discussion.


    - We will continued to discuss during next TIPTOP operation discussion and training

    - Further discussion for other functions such as MM, ANP will arranged later after customization and prototype for Cement process flow finished.

    - Project Management Module have been discussed with IDN people and continued with VN

Next plan
Next plan

  • Operation Training and detail discussion for Standard System (23/09-11/10)

    Objective: To understand standard system, specially modules with small customized such as Purchase, Inventory, Financial Accounting.

    Who should be participated: ERP Project Team and Key User

    Venue : Jakarta and Vietnam

  • MIS and technical Training (07/10-18/10 tentatively)

    Objective: To understand technical system and provide know how to make participants able to customized TIPTOP system in future.

    Who should be participated: IT Team, MIS Team (Programmer and Functional Specialist)

    Venue : Jakarta

  • Programming and customization specification by Digiwin

Detail progress update
Detail Progress update

Finance & Accounting

Sales & Distribution

Production & Maintenance

Purchasing & Inventory

  • Sales/Distribution/Logistic part have large Gap from Std. TIPTOP system, even can’t match basic process.

  • CFC truck scale LIGU system cover all of process of trucking movement inside plan, it’s risky to replace a well-tested and running well system.

  • Export Sales and Inter-Company Customer No. Should be Integrate in Whole Group, and F/G Item No. Should be same too. We proposed under AASTAR

  • In Purchasing and W/H process basically mostly can use TIPTOP standard module, but W/H process in Indonesia side is more complex.

  • Unify item coding principles still under discussion

  • Both site have similar management logic, have made first version integrated SOP

  • Production and Maintenance have large Gap, but can customize base on Std. System

  • Developing TIPTOP program and customization

  • Finalized reporting issues (identified the most urgent report for go-live)

  • Developing TIPTOP program and customization

  • Finalized item coding prinicples

Progress Update

Next action Plan

Module / Function

  • Developing TIPTOP program and customization

  • Replicating MM and ANP with modification if required

  • Preparing basic data

  • Developing group accounting policies and Chart of Account

  • Major Gap is dual currency transaction, Tax related issue and Automatic Temp AP (when purchase stock-in)

  • A/R, A/P function basically no major different for IDN and CFC site processes

  • CFC Asset Mgt need to separate for Fixed Assets / Expense Assets

  • Building customize prototype for Sales & Logistic function

  • Finalizing truck scale configuration

  • Discussion with AASTAR for intercompany transaction