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Object: Energy Harvesting

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Object: Energy Harvesting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HANDLE team, Energy Harvesting Advisor: Prof.Dimitri Peroulis ; Graduate advisor:Abbas Semnani Team Member: Shuozhengyang Wang. Calculation: 1. Simulate the magnetic to a magnetic dipole moment . Use the equation from Wikipedia for the magnetic dipole moment: m is the dipole moment

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HANDLE team, Energy HarvestingAdvisor: Prof.DimitriPeroulis; Graduate advisor:AbbasSemnaniTeam Member: Shuozhengyang Wang


1. Simulate the magnetic to a magnetic dipole moment.

Use the equation from Wikipedia for the magnetic dipole moment:

m is the dipole moment

is the magnetic constant

r is the distance from the point to the center of a bar. Therefore, in this design, it will be the distance between two legs.

𝜃 is the angle between r and the vertical line.

So here r= 0.2 m ,

is the magnetic constant.

=1.25663706 × 10-6 m kg s-2A-2

Put the number into the equation,

So, the magnetic field intensity is:

B = 0.022 T

2. Assume when people is standing, the magnetic flux is totally into the metal circle loops, and when the stride reaches the most, magnetic flux is 0. The change of magnetic flux when people’s walking, is from totally magnetic flux to zero.


∅ is the magnetic flux, and B is the magnetic field intensity.

𝑅′ is the radius of the metal circle loop, and in this design:𝑅′ =0.04 m

so S==

=B (B=0.022T)





E is the voltage from the change of magnetic flux.

∆𝑡 is the time change of two legs while walking.n is the number of turns.

=0.5s (for every steps)


P is the power from this electric field. R is the output load, so normally R is 50 ohm.

P=0.05w, -0= 4.84,=0.5s


n=163.34, so n=163

Object: Energy Harvesting

1. Generate power in the order of 10s of mW from everyday activities like walking or working in an office environment2. Power is needed around chest area3 . Inexpensive meaning using either commercially available components and cost-effective manufacturing if custom components are needed.

  • Original Idea and Design:
  • When people are walking, a lot of parts in their body will have movements and shaking. Transfer the energy of motion to electrical power.
  • Magnetic field changes will provide electric field, and get the electrical power from the electric field.
  • Harvest electrical power.
  • One leg with metal circle loops and the other one
  • Easy for the equipment to be fixed
  • The distance of two legs is not far, but the range of two leg is large .
  • AC to DC circuit:
  • Moving of legs will change the current direction from magnetic field, while walking.
  • There will be the alternating current.
  • Use design above to change AC to DC.
  • Reference:
  • Electric Dipole Moment:
  • (Wikipedia, 2012)
  • Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction:
  • (Wikipedia, 2012)