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Mgmt 383

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Mgmt 383. Introduction and Realistic Course Preview Fall 2008. Administrative Announcement. Please remember that it is a UM policy that no food or drink be brought into the classrooms. Signs are posted in all classrooms to this effect. Please ask your students to observe this policy.

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mgmt 383

Mgmt 383

Introduction and Realistic Course Preview

Fall 2008

administrative announcement
Administrative Announcement

Please remember that it is a UM policy thatno food or drink be brought into the classrooms.

Signs are posted in all classrooms to this effect. Please ask your students to observe this policy.

This is particularly important now because the custodial staff is severely short-handed and it is taking them more time than usual to clean the classrooms due to the high level of debris that is left behind.

course syllabus
Course Syllabus
  • Due to budget constraints, I will no longer be handing out course syllabi. You may download the syllabus from my WebPage:

contact information
Contact Information

Professor:Robert K. Robinson, PhD, SPHR

Office:372 Holman Hall

Office Hours:10:00-11:00 a.m. M-Th

Or by appointment



ole miss hr program
Ole Miss HR Program
  • Mgmt 383 – Principles of HRM
  • Mgmt 484 - Training & Development
  • Mgmt 485 - Selection & Placement
  • Mgmt 494 - Compensation
  • Mgmt 527 - Advanced HRM
  • Mgmt 581 - Collective Bargaining
  • Mgmt 582 - Employee Relations
  • Mgmt 583 - Labor Relations
  • Mgmt 585 - Strategic HRM
  • Mathis, Robert L. and Jackson, John H. (2008). Human Resource Management (12th ed.). Cincinnati, OH: South-Western College Publishing. ISBN: 0-324-54303-4
course requirements undergraduate
Course RequirementsUndergraduate

Examinations 300 63.8%

Attendance 20 4.3%

Final Exam 150 31.9%

470 100.0%

course grades
Course Grades
  • Course Point

Grade Range

A 423-470

B 376-422

C 329-375

D 282-328

F < 281

professional conduct
Professional Conduct
  • One of the purposes of this and future classes is to prepare you for the business world, not only with a body of functional knowledge, but with accepted workplace behaviors as well.
realistic course preview
Realistic Course Preview
  • What employers expect of you:
    • Be on time.
    • Be prepared.
    • Do not interrupt presentations or meetings.
  • What your instructor expects of you:
    • Be on time.
    • Be prepared.
    • Do not interrupt classes.
realistic course preview11
Realistic Course Preview
  • Profile of an unsuccessful student
    • Irregular attendance
    • Studies the day before an exam
    • Does not take notes
    • Does not read chapters before class
    • Takes advantage of office hours only at the end of the semester
realistic course preview12
Realistic Course Preview
  • Profile of a successful student
    • Regular attendance
    • Studies approximately two hours for each one hour of class
    • Takes notes on lecture and on textbook readings
    • Asks questions when he/she does not understand a concept
realistic course preview13
Realistic Course Preview
  • Grades
    • What your grades are NOT based on:
      • I tried really hard.
      • I need a passing grade to graduate.
      • If I don’t pass my parents will kill me.
      • I came to every class and listened a lot.
      • I learned a lot but my grades don’t really reflect it.
    • What your grades ARE based on:
      • Your performance on exams
realistic course preview14
Realistic Course Preview
  • Division of labor
    • Instructor
      • Provides the instruction
      • Prepares for classes
      • Fairly assesses knowledge retention.
    • Student
      • Learns the material
      • Prepares for classes
      • Does not violate the SOBA Academic Integrity Standards
  • Students are absolutely responsible for your attendance and being to class on time--especially on dates when examinations or other course requirements are scheduled.
  • Students arriving late for class after roll is taken will be counted as absent.
  • No student arriving after examinations have been distributed will be permitted to take the examination.
  • Each unexcused absence (to include arriving late or leaving early) will result in 5 points being taken from the 20 possible points allotted for participation.
  • Your future employers expect you to come to work each day and on time, and so does your current instructor.
  • There will be three (3) examinations and a comprehensive final which will cover the text, readings, lecture, and class discussion.
  • All are multiple choice examinations.
  • You will bring a green scantron and a number two pencil.
  • All books, notes and cell phones must be secured during testing.
  • Once in the classroom, you are not permitted to leave until you’ve completed the exam.
make ups
Make Ups
  • All make up examinations (for approved excused absences) will be scheduled during the Final Examination (December 9 at 4:00 p.m.) Again, there are no make ups for unexcused absences.
extra and partial credit
Extra and Partial Credit
  • Extra Credit: There are no provisions for extra credit in this course.
  • Please do not come to the instructor and ask what can be done to get a passing grade, by then it is too late.
  • Appeals: Two criteria are used in considering appeals: (1) The explanation/argument must be logical and consistent, and (2) accurate knowledge of course material must be demonstrated. All appeals are due no later than the class period following the return of the examination in question.
  • No appeals will be accepted after the beginning of that class period. Appeals are graded individually, only those students whose appeals are accepted will receive credit for missed answers.
children in the classroom
Children in the Classroom
  • Children in the Classroom: In recent years there has arisen the problem of parents bringing their children to lectures, and even to examinations. This has resulted in distractions to other students and ensuing complaints.
academic dishonesty
Academic Dishonesty
  • Academic Dishonesty and Cheating: Academic dishonesty refers to the use of unauthorized books, notes, or otherwise securing help on a test, copying tests, assignments, reports, or term papers. Any student caught engaging in any form of academic dishonesty will receive a failing grade for the semester in this course‑‑NO EXCEPTIONS!
weather conditions
Weather Conditions
  • Weather Conditions:If Ole Miss classes are canceled for weather, any assignment scheduled for that date will be due at the beginning of the next class meeting thereafter. If an examination is scheduled on a date in which the University is closed, then that examination will be given on the next class meeting thereafter.
students with disabilities
Students with Disabilities
  • Students with Disabilities:Any student who feels that he or she needs an accommodation due to any disability, please make an appointment to discuss this matter with me during the first week of the semester.
important dates
Important Dates
  • Important Dates:
    • 09/25 EXAM I (Chapters 1-5).
    • 10/06 Deadline: course withdrawal
    • 10/30 EXAM II (Chapters 6-9).
    • 11/13 EXAM III (Chapters 11-14).
    • 12/09 FINAL EXAM (comprehensive) at4:00 p.m.
professional hr certification
Professional HR Certification
  • PHR Professional in Human Resources.
  • Minimum of two years practical HR experience.
  • Passing the HRCI’s PHR examination (500).
professional hr certification29
Professional HR Certification
  • SPHR Senior Professional in Human Resources
  • Minimum of six years practical experience.
  • HRCI’s SPHR examination (500).
professional hr certification areas
Professional HR Certification Areas
  • HR Planning & Management Practices
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Staffing
  • Training & Development
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Employee & Labor Relations
  • Health, Safety, & Security
professional hr certification31
Professional HR Certification
  • The next Exam Window: December 1, 2008 to January 31, 2009 [computerized]
  • The postmark deadline date is October 16, 2008.
professional hr certification32
Professional HR Certification

618 Spicer Drive, Suite A[Co-located with Slyvan Learning Center] Tupelo,  MS   38804   

  • Phone: 662-844-2998   
  • Site Code: 3603  
professional hr certification33
Professional HR Certification
    • 225 multiple-choice questions.
    • 4 hours to complete.
    • Administered by computer.
    • Administered only in English.
    • $250 fee.
  • Passing Score
    • The passing score for both exams (based on a scaled score) is 500. The minimum possible score is 100. The maximum possible score is 700