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How do Advertisers. Present “the facts?”. GI Joe. Q.  What comes in this box? A firing missile launcher only A firing missile launcher and GI Joe A non-firing missile launcher A Barbie Dream House.

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How do advertisers

How do Advertisers

Present “the facts?”

Gi joe
GI Joe

Q. What comes in this box?

A firing missile launcher only

A firing missile launcher and GI Joe

A non-firing missile launcher

A Barbie Dream House

How do advertisers

  • Sorry! The only toy in this box is a non-firing missile launcher. The picture of a missile launching with a GI Joe is on the box so the toy looks more exciting. When you shop, make sure you look for fine print on the box so you know what you're actually buying.

Made with real fruit
“Made with Real Fruit!”

Q. How many berries are in Wildberry Fruit Roll-Ups?

The same number shown on the box cover.

The amount of fruit a person should eat each day.


5,000 totally outrageously crazy berries.

How do advertisers

Mmm mmm good
Mmm..Mmm…Good! This snack is mostly made from sugar and chemical flavoring. The only fruity ingredient we found was some pear concentrate. Would you eat that?

Q. What's in this bag of pizza rolls?

Pizza in a bite-sized roll.

A frozen food that tastes better after you heat it.

Titanium dioxide, an ingredient in paint.

All of the above

How do advertisers

Space aged technology
Space Aged Technology! coloring found in paint, candles, paper, and make-up. Just look at this food label. There are many other ingredients that you'd never find growing in a garden or on a farm. Would you eat that?

Q. What's the VR3D BMX Virtual Reality System?

A videogame like an old-school handheld game

A totally realistic videogame

A movie of yourself doing BMX bike stunts

A movie of a BMX bike track

How do advertisers

  • The VR3D BMX Virtual Reality System is a videogame like the old-school handheld games. The pictures and words on this box are exciting. They promise 'True-to-life, Full Color 3D Images!' But, the actual picture of the game is hidden under the front cover. It could be fun, but does it look like riding a BMX bike race to you?