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Proposal Payton’s Plants

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Proposal Payton’s Plants . Payton Parnell . Payton’s Plants. We founded it in 2004 Our mission: donate flowers to hospitals for the patients.

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payton s plants
Payton’s Plants
  • We founded it in 2004
  • Our mission: donate flowers to hospitals for the patients.
  • Testimony: “When my daughter was in the hospital Payton’s Plants donated a bouquet of flowers to her it included a card and balloons. When she saw it her face lit up and for the first time in a while she smiled.”
  • Our current space has been here for over twenty years and we are outgrowing it. The current space possesses a number of problems.
  • There is not enough shelves to store inventory.
  • We are short staffed.
  • Some of our current tables and shelves are breaking.
  • Our current inventory is small
  • The shelves may damage our newly restored floors
alternative actions
Alternative Actions
  • Here is a number of solutions we could possibly use.
  • Buy 10 sets of shelves: at $15 per shelf five shelves would cost $150 from this company we could get what we need for a good price but the quality wouldn’t be as good as some of the higher priced choices.
  • We could create our own shelves: at $10 per shelf that would be $100 altogether which is the cheapest of all options but again the quality wouldn’t be as good.
  • Buy 10 sets of high quality shelves: at $25 per shelf that would be $250 this is the most expensive option but these are the highest quality and least likely to affect our current area. They are guaranteed to last for over 20 years and if they don’t we can get our money back.
  • I recommend that we go with the option to get the highest quality shelves. They will last the longest and will be worth the extra money. Also right now our business is very successful so we could definitely have enough money for this option.
  • Dimensions: Height: 5ft, Width: 5ft
  • Plants: Daisy’s, Tulips, Oak trees, Apple tree, Palm tree, Apple blossoms, yucca, tomato plants, wisteria, zinnias, sunflowers, snapdragons, Ranunculus, poppies.
  • Workers: we need 10 new workers. 5 for the counter and 5 for maintaining plants and cleaning.
  • If you gave our company $10,000 we could do these three things.
  • Add on to the building
  • Buy better shelves
  • Buy more inventory
  • We would do all of the things I have said in the previous slides.
  • Our service would be better because we have more staff
  • Our shop will be cleaner and more organized because of the new staff in that job area.
  • If we were able to buy more new inventory there will be more profit coming in because there is so much more to choose from.
  • We will be able to provide more people with the best quality flowers.
  • If you supply me with this money I will send you a report every month to prove how well the renovation will be going.