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Language in Society PowerPoint Presentation
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Language in Society

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Language in Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Language in Society

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  1. Language in Society Unit 1 – The Linguistics of Slang Lesson 7: Audacity Data/Lab Workshop

  2. Using data in this class Each student will have their own flash drive assigned to them for their data throughout the semester. The flash drive stays in the classroom at all times. It can be checked out if needed.

  3. Today's Plan: --Get data --“Audacity” Tutorial --Listen to data --Begin finding/documenting slang in data --Begin creating data files for slang sentences.

  4. Using Audacity Audacity is a free computer program that is used to listen to and manipulate audio files, such as the data that you have collected. Today, you will learn to open and play files, save files, and edit files for data purposes.

  5. Using Audacity 1: Open file 1. Open the Audacity program. 2. To open your data file: • Click on File, Then “Open” • Find your Flash Drive Folder; click on the folder to open it. • Click on your File; Click “Open”

  6. Using Audacity 2: Play file Once your file is open for play/edit, your toolbar will allow you to play, stop, record, skip, and zoom (and some other things that we don't need right now).

  7. Using Audacity 3: Find clips You should ideally extract at least 10 clips from your recording containing individual slang items (or as many as you can find). Each clip should be a full sentence (or more, if context is needed) illustrating the use of each slang item. • Use the Pause/Play buttons to move through your file. • When you find a slang term you want to use, note the beginning and end time stamp for the full sentence on your handout. • Write the sentence and speaker name(s) on your handout.

  8. Using Audacity 3: Create clips To create a clip: • Highlight the section of the recording that you want to save. • Listen to it to be sure you have the right beginning and endpoint. 3. Click on File, then “Export Selection” and select “WAV” for the format To save files in Audacity, you cannot just click “Save” - you must use the “Export” options to save files in the correct format! 4. Follow the directions on your handout for naming the file