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Indian Removal Act. What is the Indian Removal Act?.

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What is the indian removal act
What is the Indian Removal Act?

The Indian Removal Act is during the 1830’s when the Americans forced tens of thousands of Native Americans on the Trail of Tears.Andrew Jackson supported this act in fact he was the person who created the act. Since he was the president at the time no one dared to deny him. He approved the act and one of the reasons why he wanted it was so the Westerners could move more west. During the Trail of Tears many of the Natives died of malaria and other dangerous diseases at the time.

The pros and cons of the indian removal act
The pros and cons of the Indian Removal Act



Thousands of Indians died

Current Native Americans are living in poverty

  • The Westerners could move further West

  • Today we wouldn’t be here without it

Current living conditions
Current Living Conditions


Native Americans

28.2% poverty rate

Infant death rates are 60% higher than for Caucasians

82% are more likely to die from suicide

90,000 homeless or under housed

  • The Americans are not living in poverty as much as the Native Americans

  • Not as many Americans are committing suicide

Our final answer on the ira
Our Final Answer on the IRA

The Indian Removal Act wasn’t justified. The reasons it wasn’t justified is because Andrew Jackson ignored the Supreme Court Ruling which is unconstitutional. Due to the IRA 28.2% of Native Americans are living in poverty. For us Americans the IRA would possibly be favored because if we didn’t have the Act it’s possible that we wouldn’t be here today.

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