billy goat trail potomac maryland n.
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Billy Goat Trail – Potomac, Maryland PowerPoint Presentation
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Billy Goat Trail – Potomac, Maryland

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Billy Goat Trail – Potomac, Maryland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Billy Goat Trail – Potomac, Maryland. Brian Yohanan Geosciences 10 Bay5049 976761266.

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billy goat trail potomac maryland

Billy Goat Trail – Potomac, Maryland

Brian Yohanan

Geosciences 10




This photo was taken at the border of the state of Maryland. The other side is Virginia which is separated by the Potomac River. As you can see, the river can be very rough at times and has multiple drops in just this snapshot alone.


This picture was taken while hiking on the trail. When I came across this I found it very interesting because it seems as if the tree is growing out of a rock. If you look closely you can see some of the roots along the outside of the rock and can assume that there are more in between the cracks as well.


This is another picture that was taken while hiking the trail. This was a gap where we were able to see another part of the river, however, this part is a lot calmer than the first picture we saw.


This picture is another gap in the trail where we can see down below. We were at a very high part of the mountain and is very steep down below.


The last picture is towards the end of the hike and the water here is very calm. You really aren’t allowed go in the river, but as you can see some people hopped from rock to rock taking in the beautiful view.


I have hiked the Billy Goat trail a bunch a times with my friends because its really a great experience and it is so close to my home. If you are ever close by or in the Montgomery County area, I would highly recommend you take a nice afternoon off and visit this incredible attraction.