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What is the National Peanut Board? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is the National Peanut Board?

What is the National Peanut Board?

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What is the National Peanut Board?

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  1. Download the Energy for the Good Life app on your Smartphone!1.      Go to your app store2.      Search “National Peanut Board”3.      Click Install4.      You win!

  2. What is the National Peanut Board?    Founded in 2000, the National Peanut Board is a research andpromotion board that works on behalf of all USA peanut farmers. The Board's goal is to support and expand existing markets, developnew markets, and facilitate the economical production of high-quality,USA peanuts for consumers worldwide.

  3. What Happened? In January 2009, there was a recall of over 3,000 peanuts. Nine people had died and over 900 were sickened due to salmonella,which caused a full blown panic. PCA (Peanut Corporation of America) was responsible for the outbreakfrom its plant in Blakely, Georgia.

  4. What Happened? Bankruptcy

  5. Research 19.42 percent drop in volume sales proprietary consumer tracking study The NPB also needed to gauge timing The NPB learned: Awareness was high High degree of confusion/misperception 19% reported they stopped eating pb 1/3 of consumers conducted their own research

  6. “Resumption of Consumption” NPB's goal was to reverse the slide in trust, confidence and sales of peanut products.  Jan. 2009: NPB began their aggressive program to reach these goals. Key Messages:  Major and national store brands of jarred peanut butter are not affected by the recall. America's peanut farmers care. for the latest information.

  7. Implementation – “Resumption of Consumption” Energy for the Good Life

  8. “Resumption of Consumption”--Blog

  9. “Resumption of Consumption”--Website

  10. Peanut for Your Thoughts True or FalseDo you think peanuts have a higher antioxidant capacity than green tea?

  11. “Resumption of Consumption”-- Social Media

  12. “Resumption of Consumption”-- Social Media

  13. “Resumption of Consumption”-- Social Media

  14. “Resumption of Consumption” – NYC Expo

  15. “Resumption of Consumption” – Astor Center Culinary Expo

  16. Toured cities in March 2009: • New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Chicago, Nashville, Houston and Santa Monica. • Catered to events, rather than cause • Buddy McNutty “Resumption of Consumption” – National Grower’s Tour

  17. Buddy McNutty and fans at Grower’s Tour event “Resumption of Consumption” – National Grower’s Tour Food and Wine Festival in Atlanta, GA, 2009

  18. Peanut for Your Thoughts? As a peanut consumer– would you attend an event like this if it were held on LSU’s campus?

  19. Evaluation The NPB was successful! NPB successfully reached 50,000 consumers through their social mediaoutreach and through the Grand Central Terminal exhibit Peanut butter sales increased each month in 2009

  20. Peanut for your Thoughts! Now that social media has skyrocketed through the years, how do you think the NPB should approach the new salmonella scare?