Wireless infrastructure and geni
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Wireless Infrastructure and GENI. Ivan Seskar , Francesco Bronzino Rutgers University. GENI: I nfrastructure for Experimentation. GENI provides compute resources that can be connected in experimenter specified Layer 2 topologies. GENI Wireless Resources. GENI Racks.

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Wireless infrastructure and geni

Wireless Infrastructure and GENI

Ivan Seskar, Francesco Bronzino

Rutgers University

Geni i nfrastructure for experimentation
GENI: Infrastructure for Experimentation

GENI provides compute resources that can be connected in experimenter specified Layer 2 topologies.

Geni wireless resources
GENI Wireless Resources

GENI Racks

GENI Wireless (compute) nodes



Base Stations

Android Samsung Galaxy S2 handsets

Geni wimax deployments 2014
GENI WiMAX Deployments 2014

  • 29 Wimax/LTE Base Stations in 13 Sites

  • 90+ android handsets available to experimenters

  • 36 wireless (yellow) nodes

  • Uniform experimenter experience using yellow nodes and OMF

  • Sliced, virtualized and interconnected through Internet2

Wireless infrastructure and geni

GENI WiMAX Deployment 2014



U Michigan

U Wisconsin



U Colorado









Geni wimax spectrum management
GENI WiMAX Spectrum Management

  • Agreement with Sprint

    • Sprint and Rutgers University have signed a master spectrum agreement

      encompassing all WiMAX sites, to ensure operation in the EBS Band.

    • An emergency stop procedure, in case of interference with Sprint service, has been agreed upon.

  • SciWinet GENI Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

    - Partner with Sprint and Arterra (a Sprint partner) to create and operate an (MVNO) that serves the academic research community

    - The effort is led by Jim Martin, KC Wang and Ivan Seskar, to learn more:http://sciwinet.org

WiMAX Developers session

Mon: 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Geni wimax site network architecture
GENI WiMAX Site Network Architecture

  • WiMAX and Wifi edge networks.

  • Layer 2 dataplane connectivity to GENI racks.

  • Multi-point VLAN interconnecting all WiMAX sitesvia racks.





Layer 2

Data Plane




Layer 3

Control Plane



Wireless Edge

Regional Network

Geni wimax portal integration
GENI WiMAX Portal Integration

  • GENI Portal accounts work with OMF login service.

  • GENI wireless resources can be reserved and used with Portal accounts.

  • WiMAX handoff tutorial @ GEC 20 used portal accounts to reserve ORBIT resources.

  • Expansion plan to include to all GENI WiMAX sites by GEC 21.

Today s wireless demos
Today’s Wireless Demos

  • MobilityFirst Demo, Francesco Bronzino, Rutgers University

  • Blending GENI with SciWiNet to Scale Education/Experimentation with Wireless, Jim Martin Clemson University

  • GENI-Enabled Vehicular Sensing and Control Networking: From Experiments to Applications, Jing Hua, Wayne State University,

  • Dynamic sensor value estimation for minimizing message exchange in wireless sensor networks, Fraida Fund, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering,

  • GENI takes flight and the Pi in the Sky, Suman Banerjee, University of Wisconsin-Madison,

Mobilityfirst architecture design
Mobilityfirst Architecture Design

Joe’s Laptop

Sue’s Phone

Media File A

Context C

  • Separation of names (ID) and network addresses (NA).

  • Public Key Based Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) for network objects.

  • Global Name Resolution Service (GNRS) for GUID <-> NA mappings.

  • Storage-informed segment transport, edge-aware routing.

  • Extensible in-network services.

Content Naming Service

Context Naming Service

Host Naming


Globally Unique Flat Identifiers

Global Name Resolution Service

In-route Dynamic Resolution

Integrated Storage and Computing

Hop-by-hop Transport

Compute layer concepts
Compute Layer Concepts

Service Extension Header

  • Provide easy extensibility/upgrade options for data plane.

  • ISPs can use in-network computing to provide value added services (e.g. caching, security, etc.).

  • Computing hosts running service instances strategically deployed at one or more Points of Presence (PoPs).

Service Type

Service GUID




Src NA




Base Network Header

Integrated in data plane

Computing hosts running

service instances

Compute layer examples
Compute Layer Examples

  • In-network processing and aggregation of sensor data:

    • sensed data from vehicles and other in-field sensors can be aggregated in the network by a compute layer service explicitly requested by the originator of the sensed data, thus reducing load on a centralized server.

  • Dynamic binding for Context GUID:

    • a local context defined as ‘unoccupied cabs in location X’ can be named using a GUID and resolved dynamically by an in-network compute layer service pulling information from a dispatch service to determine what end points qualify for delivery request messages.

  • In-line video transcoding:

    • More to follow…

Demo scenario
Demo Scenario

GNRS Service Plane

1. P1 Publishes content C

Network 19

Provider P1

5. Lookup of M

4. Lookup of C

Network 53

Mobile M

6. Chunk forwarded to compute layer

7. Transcoded chunk returned

Network 53a


get( c )

2. Mobile M requests C


2. Transcoding service T registers with router

Network 53b (wifi)

Demo topology
Demo Topology

GNRS Service distributed between nodes

Wisconsin U

Utah U

U Illinois

UC Davis


Transcoding Service

Wifi Client

Video Server

Wimax Client