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Science Exam Preparation

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Science Exam Preparation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Science Exam Preparation. BTEC. BTEC Exam Celebrations – L2 Pass. 9 Pupils achieved Level 2 Pass on the BTEC exam 2 Pupils achieved a Level 2 Merit on the BTEC exam. BTEC Resits. 5 th June Covers Unit 1 Biology, Chemistry & Physics. Areas for improvement….

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Science Exam Preparation

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    1. Science Exam Preparation BTEC

    2. BTEC Exam Celebrations – L2 Pass • 9 Pupils achieved Level 2 Pass on the BTEC exam • 2 Pupils achieved a Level 2 Merit on the BTEC exam BTEC Resits • 5th June • Covers Unit 1 Biology, Chemistry & Physics

    3. Areas for improvement… • Lack of simple recall e.g. name a plant hormone – couldn’t be answered. • Not attempting whole questions • Not being specific enough in answers e.g. ‘pollution’, ‘waste gases’ instead of ‘carbon dioxide or sulphur dioxides’ • Not using any of the information in the question • Rephrasing the question as an answer without saying anything new! • Simply quoting back data without actually explaining what it meant or manipulating it.

    4. General Advice • Mark a minute so time yourself carefully • Start by going through and answering all the ones you can do first so you don't run out of time on questions you could have answered • Underline command words describe, explain, suggest in the question

    5. Data Questions • Read all the data given as the information provides answers • Use data and quote back facts in your answer when it tells you to. • Use the equation sheets and carefully select the correct equations to use – you may need to use more than one for a question • Check you haven't missed out one mark questions where there aren't lines to write e,g if you have to add plots or a line of best fit to a graph • Show working out for all calculations and equations that you have used • Include units in all your answers

    6. 6 Mark QWC questions – GCSE & BTEC • 6 mark QWC questions involve extended writing just like we've practiced in class • Brainstorm useful scientific keywords and put them in the margin before you start. This will help develop your answer • You can use bullet points if it helps you sequence your ideas they must still be full sentences for QWC marks • Read back your work to check spellings and grammar is accurate to get the QWC mark • These questions could be asking you to write a practical method - remember to include what you will measure, equipment and controls

    7. How you can prepare… DON’T just read the textbook/revision guide, you need to actively engage with the material…. • The Science booklet outlines the topics you need to revise with a link to Bitesize and BTECpast papers • Use Bitesize – there are pages of notes you can print and highlight, animations and tests • Use the revision tests on Bitesize to assess your understanding at the end of each topic • Practice as many past papers as possible and carefully read the mark schemes so you develop your understanding of what the examiners are looking for

    8. Resits • The Principles of Science BTEC qualification will be certificated at the end of year 11. If you fail to achieve Level2 Pass overall you will need to re-sit the external examination again alongside your other exams next year. • You can only re-submit assignments in special circumstances. • Next year you will either be moved onto the Additional Science GCSE course or Application of Science BTEC depending on your pathway.

    9. BTEC Opportunities Level 2 Pass (minimum) overall enables you to access Level 3 qualifications such as: • Applied Sciences, Biology, Chemistry or Physics • Applied Forensic Science • Applied Medical Science • Aviation Operations • Animal Management • Beauty Therapy • Children's Care, Learning and Development • Construction, Building Services Engineering &Civil Engineering • Vehicle Technology