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Remarkable Quiz

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By: Adam Seeberg. Remarkable Quiz. What Was the Main Characters Name. Grace Phillip Jane Ellie. The Answer was:. Jane. What was weird about Lake Remarkable. There were talking heads There was a sea monster There was a flying jester There was a slenderman selling groceries.

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Remarkable Quiz

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Presentation Transcript
what was weird about lake remarkable
What was weird about Lake Remarkable
  • There were talking heads
  • There was a sea monster
  • There was a flying jester
  • There was a slenderman selling groceries
the answer was1
The answer was:
  • A sea monster
the answer was2
The Answer was:
  • Piracy because she used to be a pirate
what was the pirate captain s name
What was the Pirate Captain’s name
  • Christopher
  • Captain Rojo Herring
  • Swankman Jones
  • Mantanoinkkum Salminum
the answer was4
The Answer was:
  • Captain Rojo Herring
why was grandpa jon sent to jail
Why was Grandpa Jon Sent to Jail
  • Because he murdered someone
  • Stole ropes
  • Raided someone’s property
  • Blew up a building
the answer was5
The Answer was:
  • He stole ropes because he didn’t want the bell tower to be built
who was captain rojo herring in real life
Who was Captain Rojo Herring in real life
  • Ysquibel the singer
  • Homer Simpson
  • Spiderman
  • Johnny Scieldmeer the Actor
the answer was6
The Answer was:
  • Johnny Scieldmeer
the answer was7
The Answer was:
  • Weather Machine
what was the surprise box from mrs schanabel
What was the surprise Box from Mrs. Schanabel
  • A pirate hook
  • A dog
  • A brick of gold
  • A ship in a bottle