The healthy hunger free kids act evolves
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The HEALTHY HUNGER FREE KIDS ACT Evolves…. What to expect in school year 2013 - 2014. Presented by: Loriann Knapton, DTR, SNS Child Nutrition consultant. Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act (HHFKA) in Review…. HHFKA WHAT TO EXPECT in 2013/14. A New Look for School Breakfast

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The healthy hunger free kids act evolves


What to expect in school year

2013 - 2014

Presented by:

Loriann Knapton, DTR, SNS

Child Nutrition consultant

Hhfka what to expect in 2013 14

A New Look for School Breakfast

A Proposed Rule For Foods Sold In School

An All New Administrative Review

School breakfast

School Breakfast

Has a New Look…

One food based menu plan
One Food Based Menu Plan

350-500 Calories*

400 – 550 Calories*

450-600 Calories*

*Based on average over a five day week


  • 1 oz equivalents

    • At least 1 per day

    • Grains crediting based on new criteria of 28 gms.

  • Minimum weekly based on grade groups

  • ½ of all grains must be whole grain rich

Meat meat alternate option

  • Schools may choose to offer meat/meat alternate as a grain… (yes it’s confusing!)

  • Only after daily grains requirement has been met

    • May count 1 oz m/ma for 1 grain

    • May offer m/ma and choose not to credit as a component

    • Offer Vs. Serve implications

  • Must stay within calorie/sat fat limits

  • Trans fats for all products must be zero

Juice fruit vegetable

½ cup Fruit or vegetable must be offered daily

May be offered interchangeably

No juice limitations

Students are NOT required to select a fruit or vegetable in school year 13/14.

Rules will change SY 14/15

Fluid milk
Fluid Milk

Fat free flavored or unflavored

Low fat unflavored

Must offer at least two options

One cup per day

Offer vs serve components vs items
Offer Vs. Serve - Components Vs. Items

*Students are not required to select a juice/fruit/veg in SY 2013/14

Extra items
Extra Items

  • Extra items may be offered if desired

  • These items are not counted toward the reimbursable meal

  • They must be included in the calorie/sat fat count for the week

  • They do not count as an item under the OvS option

  • The menu planner needs to assess if extra items will be in the best interest of the program

Offer vs serve
Offer vs. Serve

  • Students do not have to select a fruit or vegetable for SY 13/14

  • Student may turn down only one item even if more than 4 are offered.

    • Example:

      • Cereal, toast, juice, apple, milk = 5 items. Student can turn down only one.

  • “Extra” items don’t count toward the reimbursable meal but must “fit” into the weekly average for calories and sat fat.

Nutrition standards


The proposed rule…

Nutrition standards the regulation
Nutrition StandardsThe Regulation

The provisions specify that the nutrition standards shall apply to all foods sold:

  • outside the school meal programs

  • on the school campus

  • Any time during the school day

    Section 208, HHFKA

Nutrition standards why is this important
Nutrition StandardsWhy is this important?

  • Improve the health of the Nation’s children,

  • Increase consumption of healthful foods during the school day

  • Create an environment that reinforces the development of healthy eating habits.

  • Consistent with the Dietary Guidelines

Nutrition standards what does it mean
Nutrition StandardsWhat does it mean?

  • School Day

    • Midnight the day of to 30 minutes after the end of the official school day

  • School Campus

    • School property assessable to students at anytime during the school day

  • Competitive Foods

    • All food and beverages sold to students on the School campus during the School day

Nutrition standards what areas besides school meals will this impact
Nutrition StandardsWhat areas besides school meals will this impact?

Note: The standards do not apply to foods students bring from home

Nutrition standards proposal which foods would be allowed
Nutrition Standards ProposalWhich Foods would be allowed?


Nutrition standards proposal which beverages would be allowed
Nutrition Standards ProposalWhich Beverages would be allowed?

Nutrition standards proposal which nutrients are addressed
Nutrition Standards ProposalWhich Nutrients are addressed?

  • Calorie limits

    • Snack items < 200

    • Entrée items < 350

  • Sodium limits

    • Snack items < 200 mg per portion

    • Entrée items < 480 mg per portion

  • Fat limits

    • Total Fat < 35% of calories

    • Saturated Fat < 10% of calories

    • Trans Fat: zero grams

  • Sugar limits will include either

    • < 35% of calories from total sugars

    • < 35% of weight from total sugars

Nutrition standards other proposals
Nutrition StandardsOther proposals

  • Fundraisers

    • Foods allowed under the nutrition standards are not restricted

    • Limits on the number of annual food based fundraisers that do not meet the proposed nutrition standards

    • Does not apply to non-school hours or off campus events.

Nutrition standards other proposals continued
Nutrition StandardsOther proposals continued…

  • Pre-portioned servings for items such as…

    • Cream cheese

    • Salad dressing

    • Butter

    • Other condiments typically served with food

  • Nutrition profile must be included as part of the item served

Snacks not meeting standards
Snacks Not Meeting Standards

Snacks Under New Standards

*There are existing products meeting standards

Chocolate sandwich


Fewer empty calories from fats and added sugars

Fruit Flavored Candies

Empty Calories from Fats and Added Sugars




Light Popcorn


Regular Cola

Low-fat Tortilla Chips

Granola Bar (oats, fruit, nuts)

Fruit Cup (w/ 100% juice)

No-calorie Flavored Water

Nutrition standards implementation
Nutrition Standards Implementation

  • Schools will have at least one school year from date of publication of the final rule to implement the standards.

  • FNS will provide technical assistance upon publication of final rule.

  • FNS will provide guidance to State agencies and local educational agencies.

The all new administrative review
The all new Administrative Review!

Three year review cycle

Requires both School Breakfast and Lunch

Some areas may be reviewed prior to the onsite visit

Includes nutrient analysis and menu validation

Stay tuned !

Menu certification

Get your 6 cents worth!

Menu Certification

  • Fact: You must follow the new meal pattern

  • Fact: You can still apply for the additional 6 cents per meal

  • Fact: Extra funding means extra benefits for your students

  • To apply for Certification:

  • Instructions for submitting the workbooks:

  • Instructions for submitting the simplified assessment:

Paid lunch equity ple
Paid Lunch Equity (PLE)

Run with the PLE

  • Fact: The PLE tool must be completed each year .

  • Fact: Copies of the PLE must be on file for three years plus the current year

  • Fact: Lunch prices must be reported online each year after completion of the PLE

  • To run the PLE:

  • Instructions for determining a weighted average:

  • Access to the PLE tool:

Annual online contract
Annual Online Contract

  • Fact: The contract for the nutrition programs must be renewed annually.

  • Fact: The online contract is due each year by June 1

  • Fact: Schools may not submit claims until the contract has been approved.

  • To Access the Contract:

  • Instructions for completing the online contract:


  • Link for printing the permanent agreement:


  • To access the contract:


Sign on the dotted line

Important dates to remember
Important Dates to remember

Stay one step ahead

Fact: Several reports are tied to online claiming

The healthy hunger free kids act evolves

Feeding children Matters…

Thank You for all that you do!

The healthy hunger free kids act evolves

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