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Dapperson. Alyx Standingready. My Society.

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my society
My Society

My Society is called Dapperson. They live in and around the city Dapp. They are a modern farming society. The main religion is Baconist. However there are other smaller groups of people that are Omelette or Toastistic. They are a monarchist society. The Queen has a palace which resides over-top of the city.

the queen
The Queen
  • The people in Dapp believe that the Queen Veronica holds the highest governing power.
  • They also thought that a citizen in Dapp could not look the Queen in the eye unless they were of royal descent.
  • The Queens duty is to come up with laws. These laws are sent to the city heads. Then the people vote on the laws, if these laws get bad reviews, then the Queen will not pass them.
  • The Queen is also to come up with at least 1 or 2 daughters to take the throne once she is too old or deceased.
  • Every person of royal descent either lives in the palace with the Queen, or could build a mansion outside of the city, but they would be looked down upon if the person decides to live with the “regular” people inside the city.
education and health
Education and Health
  • Children in Dapp are to start school by the age of 5, and can attend school until they are 15 years old. Then the parents have to teach their children basic life skills.
  • Adults at the age of 23, can attend Universities. However, it would not increase their chances of getting a certain job, as education in Dapp isn’t highly valued.
  • All youth above age 16 are expected to know how to clean, cook, sew, and the planting and harvesting of crops. As these are often the jobs passed down from their mother and father to them, once a child in a household turns 16.
  • Private health clinics are scattered around the city, however there isn’t an official “hospital” yet, just a building with beds where the sick and dying and lay and rest.
  • Most often used are family remedies for colds, or headaches. Calling upon a private doctor for help costs a lot of money, often families will trade horses, cattle, valuables, etc; to pay off debts from doctors.
  • When a member of a family/household is sick, it is customary for the entire household to pray for the victim. They pray for less pain, and faster healing.

This is the church of Bacon. It is hidden deep in the woods behind Dapp, and the Queens palace. Every citizen in Dapp that is a Baconist must go there every Thursday evening to pray and talk amongst the others.

  • Baconist is the religion that the majority of the citizens are a part of, including the Queen.
  • Baconist is a monotheistic religion. They believe in the “Great Bacon”. A giant deity that lives high in the mountains and will grant prayers and happiness if they commit to the Baconist religion and lifestyle.
  • It is considered very rude and disrespectful to eat a piece of bacon or pork on a Thursday, or Monday.
  • There is only one Baconist holiday. That is Baconian’s Day. That is when everyone in Dapp gathers for a huge dinner hosted by the current Queen in her palace. Every household must bring at least 2 dishes for at least one course. The Queen is expected to cook 1 dish for every course. Every dish must have at least 1 pork product in it.
  • Children at a young age (when raised in a Baconist household ) are taught the value of bacon and pork foods.
  • Baconist’s only eat bacon every Wednesday, as there would be a severe shortage of pigs for animal farmers and such.
other religions in dapp
Other Religions in Dapp



About 20% of the population in Dapp is Toastistic.

Toastistic is a monotheistic religion. They believe that a very powerful man, is guarding every piece of wheat and bread that families have for dinner.

Bread and wheat products are usually only eaten 2 times a week, but on the week of a birthday or funeral, every meal during that week must have at least 1 grain product.

Wheat is held highly by the Toastistic farmers. Often families will stock up on wheat and grains, to sacrifice to the great Wheat god.

  • About 15% of the population is Omellettic.
  • Omelletic is a polytheistic religion. They believe in 5 gods and goddesses that guard and protect chickens and hens in the wild.
  • Before an egg is touched by a farmer, it is blessed by the eldest woman in the household. So that the egg may taste good and not give salmonella.
  • When a child is born, for 3 weeks the entire household must not eat, touch, or look at chickens or eggs.
  • There are 3 gods and 2 goddesses that protect chickens and eggs, there are no names for each god, but they all were hatched from one giant egg.
  • The people in Dapp are basically self-reliant. They grow their own food in crops and gardens and the city has several large wells in and around the city.
  • Occasionally registered citizens from other regions and cities will come in and trade with private doctors or the Queen.
  • Doctors rely on trade to acquire medicines, and skills for their patients.
  • Dapp’s “currency” is basically trade items. Which can include: warm fur, lumber, crafted items, clay bowls, pots and pans, horses, cattle, etc;
  • Farmers can also give up some farming land in order to trade for a certain good or service.
  • The land in Dapp is very fertile and they always have consistent seasons.
  • Any citizen, new or old, will be helped with growing of food, or trading.
  • When new citizens come and live in Dapp, the neighbours automatically take up responsibility for teaching the new citizen how to grow and harvest crops, and also how to trade items.
laws and social actions
Laws and Social Actions
  • A citizen in Dapp must never steal from or hurt another citizen.
  • A citizen accused of any crime whatsoever, and proven guilty, will be sent to immediate execution or, by choice of jury, exile.
  • When someone goes to court (depending on the severity of the crime) they may sit in front of a judge, or the Queen. They are also in front of a jury of their peers, family, and neighbours.
  • It is the law to build your own house and crops, however, neighbours and other citizens can assist you in helping build.
  • When a citizen is sent to exile, they may never come back into the city again, they also can’t marry or have children with another citizen.

Children aren’t allowed out once the sun is unable to be seen. As they think that monster will come and slay their children and animals. The monsters look like this.

Every citizen, must show respect to every citizen, no matter what skin colour, age, height, weight, etc; If one citizen was to disrespect another, they would be heavily looked down upon by their peers and family.


This society is a calm, and peaceful society. They are self-reliant, as in, they grow their own foods, in small crops and gardens. They hold high respect for their queen, and authoritative figures. Each citizen respects any other citizens and visitors in their city. They are a very hospitable people. When you first walk into this city, you can be treated and helped in the building of your house, and gardens. Every neighbour looks after another. So instead of Canada, you can move into the city of Dapp. With it’s rich, fertile soil, and beautiful animals and plants. You can’t go wrong, by living with this society.