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PEMDAS; Exponents

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PEMDAS; Exponents. By: Emma Larson. Reminder of PEMDAS. P enguins E at M any D adio (fish) A fter S upper. When do I use PEMDAS?.

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pemdas exponents

PEMDAS; Exponents

By: Emma Larson

reminder of pemdas
Reminder of PEMDAS

P enguins

E at

M any

D adio (fish)

A fter

S upper

when do i use pemdas
When do I use PEMDAS?

Whenever you see an algebra problem (for example; 2+3-4x5÷1=) you should automatically know to use PEMDAS. And if you don`t know how to use PEMDAS, my slideshow is here to help.

my pemdas problem
My PEMDAS problem

My problem is going to be mediocre so get ready!


What step should you do first? If you said parenthesis then you are correct! Lets start by taking it apart.(BTW you always start with the first parenthese(s) in the problem, in this case (64÷82)

64 Begin by circling 82.

What is 82? It is 8 x itself… so 8x8. What does 8x8 equal? Turn to next slide to find out.

5x4 4 64 8 2 3 48x361

If you said 64 you are corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrect!!!

5x44+(64÷64)-3+(48x361)=? Next we divide 64 by 64.Everybody knows the answer, don`t you? Well every body shouldknow the answer. If you don’t it is 1.So now we have 5x44+1-3+(48x361)=?

Now we’ll skip what we've done so far and move on to the next parenthesis. What is 48x361? You should be able to work it out on your own.

Answer on next page.

5x4 4 64 8 2 3 48x3611

We now have 5x44+1-15,328=? Now that we’ve done our parenthesis what do we do next? Yes, exponents. The only exponent we have left is 44. if 44 were to be written out it would look like this… 4x4x4x4=? Can anybody solve the equation? Well if you can’t the answer is 256. What is the next step? Anyone? Right, multiplication or division. If you’re thinking “How is that possible” or “M comes before D in PEMDAS” that is completely normal. Cause what you don’t know is that multiplication and division serve equally in PEMDAS. What I mean is if division comes before multiplication in an algebra problem… you do it first.

So what is 5x256?

5x4 4 64 8 2 3 48x3612

Correct, 1,280. So here’s our problem now 1,280+1-3+15,328. Now before you start doing the rest of the problem you should know that addition and subtraction serve equally too. So now that you know that what is the next step that we should do? If you said 1,280+1 then you are right. If you solved that equation correctly you should have 1,281-3+15,328.

5x4 4 64 8 2 3 48x3613

Now that we have gotten this far, you should be almost an expert at PEMDAS. I am going to see who can tell me what we do next. Right you are, 1,281- 3.The answer is 1,278. Since this is our last question I am going to let you solve it by your self. (1,278+15,328)

Final answer on next page

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