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The Quest for Right

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This is holy ground. The Quest for Right. Accomplishing that which, heretofore, was deemed impossible: to level the playing field between forces advocating creationism and those promoting evolution. . An exciting series of 7 textbooks.

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the quest for right

This is holy ground.

The Quest for Right

Accomplishing that which, heretofore, was deemed impossible: to level the playing field between forces advocating creationism and those promoting evolution.

an exciting series of 7 textbooks
An exciting series of 7 textbooks

The initial 3 volumes have been published and are awaiting your review.

Restoring sanity to science curriculums.

the reviews are in
The reviews are in

“I am amazed at the breadth of the investigation – scientific history, biblical studies, geology, biology, geography, astronomy, chemistry, paleontology, and so forth - and find the style of writing to be quite lucid and aimed clearly at a general, lay audience.”– Rev. Dr. Mark Roberts, Biblical Reference Books, Thomas Nelson Publishers

“…on the cutting edge. This is the way Christian

writing is supposed to be.” – Jim Fletcher,

Editor-in-Chief, New Leaf Publishing Group

written by c david parsons
Written by C. David Parsons

Biblical scholar and scientist extraordinaire.

During the course of two decades of intense research, the author has surmounted a thousand obstacles in order to present true science. The resultant expert testimony is based on information contained in the oldest science book on record,

the Bible.

impressions of a realist
Impressions of a Realist

The philosophy of most, if not all, physicists, chemists, and biologists is rooted in the school of mechanism. Mechanists teach that all living organisms, from the little amoeba to man, are mere machines whose function and being can be explained as physical and chemical processes. Specifically, mechanists teach that all physical and chemical reactions result from a change in the electronic structure of the atom. The physical and chemical processes, in turn, can be deciphered through the orderly application of mathematics as warranted by quantum mechanics.

In purpose and deed, mechanists embrace Darwinism and the theory of natural selection. A mechanist's world is strictly materialistic; there is no force, vital or divine, that governs physical, chemical, and biological processes. The doctrine is antichrist; in other words, there is no Creator. More definitively and accurately ruled, the tenet may be labeled as obstructionism, the proponents of the thought, obstructionists.


The label "obstructionism," duly chosen, may be defined as "the incoherent reasoning espoused by the scientific council that God does not exist. In concert, the phenomena of being and life (that is, all physical, chemical, and biological processes) can be readily explained through physical and chemical reactions. More directly, they may be deciphered by electronic interpretation hand-in-hand with quantum mathematics.

The scientific council has played into the hands of Secular Humanists who view public education as the vehicle to move the citizen into a total secular, materialistic, godless society. According to the manifesto outlined in the journal of the American Humanist Association, The Humanist (1983), the "battle" for the minds and, it must be added, the souls of the innocents is to be "waged and won" in the public classrooms. The aspiration has gained strength in that educators are forced by a despotic Supreme Court to teach the tenets of obstructionism.


Those who are separated in the belief that being and life, and all physical, chemical, and biological processes, are ruled by God shall be called separatists, the belief, separationism.

There are a great number of people, like unto the stars in heaven which no man can count, that believe in separationism but are not under covenant with God; that is, they are “strangers from the covenants of promise.” The term, separationism, applies to (1) the righteous who are under covenant with God and (2) the unredeemed (those in the world without God) who, nevertheless, believe that God is both responsible for and rules all the phenomena of the universe.

Fearfully and wonderfully made…

For practical reasons, the term "people of God“ will not be incorporated to any extent in this work. The reason: there are a great number of people, like unto the stars in heaven which no man can count, that believe in separationism but are not under covenant with God; that is, they do not keep the "commandments of God." The term, "separationism," applies to (1) the righteous who are under covenant with and (2) the unredeemed (those not under covenant and are without God in the world) who, nevertheless, believe that God is both responsible for and rules all the phenomena of the universe.

fearfully and wonderfully made
Fearfully and wonderfully made…

in the image of our Creator.

balanced treatment act
Balanced treatment act

A balanced treatment act from the State of Louisiana was heard by the Supreme Court in 1987. Justice William Brennan, in the majority opinion, concluded that creation science is "religion" and religion, as ruled, may not be taught in the public classrooms. The barring of creation science, however, is not irreconcilable. The high court left open the possibility that any views on origins, be it creation or otherwise, may be taught if established on sound scientific principles. Therefore, if separatist science were founded on a scientific basis, drawing from a continuum of defensible, established truths, it would be justly qualified as science and science may be taught in the public classrooms.

Although obstructionists seized the moment, finding favor with a sympathetic judiciary, the battle for the minds and souls of the innocents in the classrooms is far from conclusive. You can make a difference.

electronic interpretation
Electronic interpretation

In the course of this effort, please bear in mind that the

backbone of obstructionism is "electronic interpretation," the tenet that all physical, chemical, and biological processes result from a change in the electronic structure of the atom which, in turn, can be deciphered through the orderly application of mathematics, as outlined in quantum mechanics. Again, the philosophy rejects any divine intervention. Therefore, let the philosophy of obstructionism be judged on these specifics: (1) "electronic interpretation" and (2) "quantum mechanics." Conversely, the view of separatists that God is both responsible for and rules all the phenomena of the universe will stand or fall when the facts are applied. The scientific truths presented by The Quest for Right have been set in motion to break down every

barrier concocted by obstructionists. The next move is yours.

the innocents trust in formulae
The innocents trust in formulae

From the beginning of one's schooling,

the importance of implementing various formulae to express a general fact, rule, or principle has been stressed. Those fundamental truths and principles, in symbolic expression, constitute the backbone of mathematical calculations. As the student applies the formulae and works them according to the rules, a statement of truth emerges. These fundamental values are not applicable to scientific ploys which extend beyond the pale of investigation, well beyond the grasp of the rules of cause and effect. Consequently, any formula that extends beyond the realm in which man may observe and record the phenomena is not, and must not, be accepted as a fundamental fact or principle.

who would question an absolute
Who would question an absolute?

Fossilized dinosaur tracks on the side of a mountain in Bolivia.

Recorded history describes the way in which the ancestors of Adam hunted dinosaurs for food, and vice versa.

The Quest did and you will be amazed at the answers.

One example: Concerning radiocarbon dating, Libby utterly failed to discover a clock in carbonaceous matter. Ironically, Libby’s infatuation served a purpose for good in that the investigation into the matter helped to expose a hideous juggernaut. Specifically, the obstructionist league, summoning the dark forces of quantum mysticism, possesses the power to bewilder and, thus, con the average man, seemingly at will, into believing the bizarre and surreal. Be advised that the juggernaut has but one goal: to teach the innocents within the classrooms that there was a prehistoric era in which evolutionary types were developing into modern man.

antiquated beliefs
Antiquated beliefs

A reasonable determination:

Mass spectroscopy and, by association,

the absolute dating systems do not qualify as science; hence, the principle should not be taught in the public classrooms. Mass spectroscopy hasfailed the test of time relative to isometric percentages, ill-conceived atomic and molecular weights, and geological time scales; forthwith, it shall be deemed “quantum mysticism,” not science. The goal of the immediate investigation, to purge the abuses of quantum mysticism from classical physics, has been successfully completed. The resolutedetermination: mass spectroscopy and the so-called absolute dating systems have failed the test of time; they are antiquated beliefs and have no further station in either classical physics or academe.

Contrary to the tenet of obstructionism, dinosaurs were contemporary with man.

juvenile dinosaurs
Juvenile dinosaurs?

All flesh is not the same flesh.

The fundamental truth that all flesh is not the same flesh and that species of varying flesh cannot crossbreed is one the most misrepresented facts in biology. A familiar corruption of the truth is the nonsensical clatter promoted by some biologists, who should know better, that the great dinosaurs did not just die out but may have degraded to birds. Abiding by the prospect, these baby wrens may have in their ancestral tree a dinosaur or two.

prototypes have the ring of truth
Prototypes have the ring of truth

The ultimate guide -- the fossil record -- reveals that all species introduced to the earth were fully developed, to include sockets for the eyes.

Animal reproduction is for all to see and teaches that there are set genetic constitutions which cannot be crossed; this is the fourth law of procreation. Only the male and his female of like flesh may reproduce. There is no shortcut to the "theory" of protracted gradation (i.e., evolution), as promoted by Birnstiel in the jumping gene concept. The total lack of intermediate specimens in the fossil record dispels the myth of protracted gradation; only the historical version of prototypes has the ring of truth.

the chart that biologists
The chart that biologists

do not want you to see, the hypothetical descent of man without the missing links.

Only man has an eternal soul.

Darwin’s inability to prove that evolution had occurred was blamed on an “imperfect fossil record.” His only hope of vindication was that one day paleontologists would unearth hundreds, if not thousands of intermediate links. Over 100 years later, the fossil record may be proclaimed perfect: new species have dwindled down to a miniscule few each year and not one verifiable missing link has ever been produced. Of a truth, Darwinism has failed the test of time.

mother nature or god a paradox
Mother Nature or God – a paradox

The pagan Greeks ascribed the goddess Rhea (also known as Cybele) as the “Great Mother of the Gods. She was the earth Mother, a term that may seem somewhat illusive; however, the modern colloquialism places the occult deity in her proper perspective. The goddess is currently known as “Mother Nature,” or more apropos “Nature.” The scientific council calls her by the familiar idiom nature! Herein is the paradox: On the one hand, the obstructionist union vehemently denies that there was any supernatural influence involved in creation and has compelled the courts to enact laws censoring any reference to the Creator in the public classrooms. On the other hand, scientists, pursuing the course of pagans, ascribe creation to Mother Nature, the all-providing mother of the pagan Greeks and Romans.

Mother Nature in a chariot drawn by lions. Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid, Spain.

procedural eliminations
Procedural Eliminations

A partial list of quantum mishaps eliminated by the exhaustive investigative effort is listed below. Take two minutes to review the subjects.

PhotonsBeta-minus decayAntimatterE=mc2Avogadro's LawU-mesonsHyperonsQuarksElectron interpretationEnergy zonesSpatial problemsPauli Excl. Principle

Mother Nature

Aufbau PrincipleHund’s Rule


of colorImperfect fossil recordNatural selectionGenetic transferIntermediate speciesSuperdense stateDegenerate matterSingularityBig Bang TheoryRhodopsin

Shepherding moonsOort CloudDirty snow ballsExtraterrestrial waterDarwin-Wise TheoryBinary accretionPrecipitation conceptRalph Baldwin's TheoryDarwin's Tidal TheoryMoon Capture TheoryJohn A. Wood's Theory

Lewis Dot Structure104.5 angle of life

Note: If anyone were to think of these as so many problematic discourses, they would be mistaken. The Quest for Right presents irrefutable proof.

the obstacle to teaching true science has been eliminated
The obstacle to teaching true science has been eliminated

Against the backdrop of a nation embroiled in debate and legal battles over whether true science or evolution, or both, should be taught in the classroom, The Quest for Right proclaims a Day of Victory!

The investigative effort is not only better at explaining natural phenomena, but may also be verified through testing. As a result, separatist science will no longer be considered a “matter of faith” and, hence, will not violate the so-called constitutional separation of church and state. The Quest for Right is true science, replacing the Darwinian view.

the quest for right1
The Quest for Right

Thank you for viewing this presentation.You are witnessing history in the making.

Please do your part to return true science to the classroom.

C. David Parsons may be contacted at author@QuestForRight.comTel: 404-889-4891 - Website: