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FRP Instructions PowerPoint Presentation
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FRP Instructions

FRP Instructions

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FRP Instructions

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  1. FRP Instructions • Faculty will use CCAC Centralto facilitate your work in the Faculty Resource Program (FRP): • FRP Main menu – page 3 • Individual Student Information – page 4 • Update View Questions – page 6 • View Transcript – page 7 • View Schedule – page 8 • Evaluate Program – page 9 • Student Profile – page 10 • Summary List – page 11 • Group Status Report – page 12 • How to Read Degree Audit – page 13, 14

  2. Access CCAC Central Table of Contents Select CCAC Central e-Services wherever you see this logo on the CCAC Web Site Login with your CCAC Central ID & password; you must log in before you will see all the faculty menu items available The FACULTY RESOURCE PROGRAM will display on the main menu

  3. FRP Main Menu Table of Contents These items appear on every page: They refer to your own personal info There are 3 main menu items for FRP: Individual Student Info: You will access student info here Summary List: Displays your students in inquiry mode Group Status Report: Provides history of contacts with students These links will display on many of the FRP menus for your convenience For easy access, right-click and select “Open in New Window”

  4. Individual Student Information Table of Contents Use quick links to find info. Note: right-click to “Open in New Window” To view your list of students, choose the correct term NOTE: Your new students for the term will NOT appear until they are assigned, probably by the fourth week of the term

  5. Individual Students Table of Contents Your student list will display. You can only view information one student at a time, one function at a time. Click on the drop-down for the student you wish to view; Choose the action you wish to take

  6. Update/ View Questions Table of Contents You will use this screen to record your contact with the student Please record comments to document your conversations Confirm the student’s goals; Do NOT overwrite but ADD a goal with a date

  7. View Student Transcript Table of Contents If you chose view a transcript, select the transcript type UG The transcript listing will display.

  8. View Student Schedule Table of Contents If you chose view a student schedule, select the term you wish to view The student schedule for that term will display

  9. Evaluate Program Table of Contents You can view and print a Degree Audit report for the current program; simply check the program and click submit OR you can do a “what if” by choosing any other program from this list NOTE: If you do a “what if”, you will need to choose the catalog from which to start the program; choose the term in which the student would change major See slide13 for more info on Degree Audit

  10. View Student Profile Table of Contents The student profile screen will provide the demographic information you need to contact the student Don’t forget to confirm the students’ educational goals IMPORTANT: If you find wrong addresses, phones, and email addresses, please encourage the student to change it themselves on CCAC Central, or see registration to correct

  11. FRP Summary List Table of Contents Notice that Midterm grades display when you are entering Final Grades If a student’s status is Withdrawn, enter a W grade. The Summary List just provides an inquiry listing of your FRP students

  12. Group Status Report Table of Contents The Group Status Report provides a listing displaying the categories which you have already recorded; Use this screen to keep track of your contacts to date.

  13. How to Read a Degree Audit CODES In progress Unfulfilled Unfulfilled Unfulfilled

  14. How to Read a Degree Audit

  15. Common Problems Table of Contents • Timeout: remember that CCAC Central will time-out after 15 minutes of non-activity • This is done to provide a secure site for faculty who are submitting confidential information and students who are submitting financial info • Do NOT use your browser’s back and forward buttons when you are on a secure site. Use the menu choices instead. The best method to open links to other pages is to right-click and select “Open in New Window”. • Only hit the Submit Key ONCE. You will get an error message if you hit Submit multiple times. • Forgot your password? • You can reset your own CCAC Central password; just click on the Reset or Create your CCAC Central Account link on the menu to establish a new password. • Don’t know your Colleague ID number? It is printed on your paycheck or faculty ID card. Or you can enter your social security number. • Read error messages • Error messages will appear at the top of the screen as shown; read these messages to determine what the problem is CCAC Central: