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High School Scheduling

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High School Scheduling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High School Scheduling. 11-15-10. Options Chart. Options Chart (Continued). Timeline. Video describing scheduling options available to schools by Friday, October 8 Staff views video and discusses options (October 14 to October 15)

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High School Scheduling

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Presentation Transcript
  • Video describing scheduling options available to schools by Friday, October 8
  • Staff views video and discusses options (October 14 to October 15)
  • Each high school selects two staff representatives (Submit by Friday, October 15)
  • Each high school selects two parent representatives (Submit by Friday, October 15)
  • Meeting with staff representatives (Monday, October 18 at 4:30 p.m.)
timeline continued
Timeline Continued
  • Meeting with parent representatives (Monday, October 18 at 6 p.m.)
  • Update to curriculum committee (Tuesday, October 19 at 4 p.m.)
  • Continue meeting weekly until consensus is reached, but a final decision is needed in early December.
summary of staff work
Summary of Staff Work
  • Developed Pros and Cons of Each Option with Input from School Staff
  • Worked with Staff to Determine Most Appropriate Schedule for WSFCS
  • Advocated in Meetings for Their School’s Choice
  • Provided Input on how to Most Appropriately Schedule Specific Subjects
summary of parent work
Summary of Parent Work
  • Have had Meetings for Parent Groups
  • Distributed Surveys and Fielded Phone Calls and Emails
  • Distributed Newsletters to Parents
  • Responded to Parent Questions
  • Shared Parent Concerns with Administration and School Board
  • Have Been Faithful to Attend Meetings and Advocate for Parents
input from schools
Input from Schools
  • Glenn – 92.2% for 4X4
  • Career Center – A Day/B Day
  • Reagan – About half and half
  • West – A Day/B Day due to APs but still a mix
  • RJR – About Half and Half
  • East – 70% 4X4 with AB underneath
  • North – 75% for 4 X 4
  • Carver – Spilt 50/50
  • Tabor – Few more with 4 X 4 with A Day/ B Day
  • Atkins Pre-Eng. – Either One
  • Atkins Bio-Tech – More 4 X 4
  • Atkins Comp. Tech – More 4X4
  • Parkland – 50/50 – IB must be A Day/B Day
talking points
Talking Points

Q. Why does the high school schedule need to change?

A. It needs to change for the following reasons:

  • The Unified Schedule is not meeting the objectives it was designed to meet.
  • Budgetary constraints require a change in how high schools do business.
  • Changing the high school schedule will save programs for students and jobs for teachers.

Q. What are the objectives of changing the schedule other than saving money?

A. In addition to saving money, we hope to achieve the following goals by changing the high school schedule:

  • Easier schedule transfers for students who change schools
  • More consistent schedule across the county (more courses being taught the same way)
  • More opportunities for remediation and acceleration of courses
  • Better utilization of resources.
talking points cont
Talking Points (Cont.)

Q. How much money needs to be saved by changing the high school schedule?

A. We need to save 1.8 million dollars by changing the high school schedule.

Q. How does changing the schedule save money?

A. All of the schedule options increase the number of classes being taught by teachers from five to six. Increasing the number of classes taught by teachers reduces the number of teachers necessary to cover the number of sections needed. Therefore, fewer teachers will be needed, which will save money. Saving 1.8 million dollars means a reduction of about 40 teachers. This reduction should be accomplished through retirements and attrition. Teachers should not have to lose jobs in order to accomplish the goal.

Q. What are the schedule options?

A. Originally, there were four options:

1. Teachers teach 6 out of 7 year-long periods.

2. Teachers teach 6 out of 8 year-long periods and lengthen the school day.

3. 4 x 4 semester block

4. A day – B day block

While no decision has been made, Options 1 & 2 have been voted down by staff representatives from the schools. So, we’re trying to establish a balance between Options 3 & 4.

talking points cont1
Talking Points (Cont.)

Q. What will a teacher’s day look like in a 4X4 block or A Day/B Day schedule?

A. Here are some particulars of a typical teacher’s day:

  • Teachers will teach 6 out of 8 classes during the year. For most teachers, that will be three classes a day with one 90-minute period for planning.
  • Class size will not change.
  • There is the possibility of a combination schedule with some semester block courses and some A day – B day courses.

Q. How can teachers have input into the decision?

  • A. Each school has two representatives on the district’s High School Scheduling Committee. Please encourage teachers to communicate clearly and regularly with their representatives.
  • B. Information is continually updated on our website concerning the high school schedule. www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us. You may also watch a video by Dr. Martin on this subject.
  • 50% A Day/B Day - 50% Block 3
  • Majority Block (Approximately 90% - 10%) 7
  • Majority A Day/B Day (Approximately 90% - 10%) 1
the hybrid 4 x 4 schedule advantages
The Hybrid 4 X 4 Schedule Advantages
  • Choice
  • Flexibility for double-dosing
  • Daily and Semester Student and Teacher Load
  • Acceleration and Credit Recovery Possibilities
  • Accommodates the Testing Calendar
  • Reduces Teachers Needed by Approximately 4%
  • Reduces the total amount of resources needed at any one time.
  • Adaption's Needed for:
    • Performing Arts
    • AP/IB Classes
    • Foreign Language